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Welcome to the Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Interest Group page! 

At the University of Washington School of Medicine, students have a shared interest group for diagnostic and interventional radiology, as there is so much overlap and combined interest. 

Group Leadership:

Gabe Heymann, MS4

Sarah LaPierre, MS4

Jonathan Medverd, MD
Faculty advisor

David Shin, MD
IR faculty mentor


Radiology Residency Panel 

Join the IR and DR advisors and matched fourth year medical students for a Q&A about preparing successfully for a radiology residency
May 9th, 6pm, RR 202

Helpful Resources

Case of the Day on Radiopedia
Great case discussions by radiologists around the world 


Check out the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 

Free access if you go through your UW Net ID login on the HSL website


There are great youtube channels for Society of Interventional Radiology and Resident, Students and Fellows of SIR

Get Involved

Contact DIRIG leadership to become a member of the group or if you are interested in leadership opportunities

Join Society of Interventional Radiology as a student to get updates and opportunities for educational materials

Join the Radiological Society of North America RSNA as a student to get updates and opportunities for educational materials

For local connections and information about the annual state meeting, please visit the Washing State Radiologic Society website


UW Advisors have compiled recommendations for applying to radiology — found here

Radiology Career Advisors FAQ

Interested in Diagnostic Radiology residency?

Please reach out to the UW DR advisor, Dr. Jonathan Medverd. 

Jonathan Medverd, MD
Associate Professor
Emergency Radiology


Interested in Interventional Radiology Integrated residency?

Please reach out the UW advisors — either Dr. David Shin, or Dr. Chris Ingraham, for help with discussing your journey. 

To see how you can get some first hand experience, click here to view the student rotation opportunities 

For more information on the Interventional Radiology residency at UW, please click here

Christopher Ingraham, MD
Program Director, Interventional Radiology Residency and Fellowship


David Shin, MD
Associate Program Director, IR Residency and Fellowship
Director, IR Clerkship