Pilot PET Radiotracer and Imaging Awards for Grant Applications

The UW and UW Radiology excel in research due to the quality of the scientists and their openness to cross-disciplinary ventures. Imaging sciences are an integral part of the UW research community.

To support new research endeavors, UW Radiology will provide up to $5,000 of in kind support for pilot studies using PET radiotracers, pre-clinical imaging and human research PET imaging. These funds are contingent on availability of resources. These funds are also specifically intended for pilot data for grant applications.

For further information, please contact:

PET Radiotracers PET Imaging Services
Steve Shoner, Ph.D.
Contact phone:  206 598-6711
Contact email:
Robert Miyaoka, Ph.D.
Contact phone:  206 543-2084
Contact email: