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Charles A. Rohrmann, Jr., M.D., Endowment for Radiology Resident Educational Excellence

Rohrmann Endowment Newsletter Summer 2023

You will want to read these compelling accounts from UW Radiology residents who received Endowment funding support this past year:

  • Innovative research projects
  • Presentations at national radiological society meetings: ARRS, AUR, SIR, with special funding for a medical student at RSNA
  • Outreach to underrepresented minority medical and pre-medical students through the Student National Medical Association
  • Global Health outreach and teaching in partnership with Road2IR

Rohrmann Endowment Newsletter Winter 2023

Rohrmann Endowment funds support residents’ first-author presentations

National radiology society meetings are a wonderful opportunity for residents to present exhibits or posters displaying their research. The residents who benefit from financial support from the Rohrmann Endowment express their thanks for this funding, and also appreciate the collaboration of their co-authors and the mentorship they receive from UW Radiology faculty.

Award-winning presentations from RSNA 2022 are highlighted on pages 1 and 2 of the Winter 2023 newsletter. You will want to read all about these!

Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Merit

Identified for RadioGraphics Award Certificate of Merit Award
Identified for RadioGraphics Award

UW Radiology Alum Spotlights!

Highlighting our UW Radiology alumni is something that never gets old! We hope you find delight in reading about your colleagues’ lives, both from the perspective as a former resident in the department as well as finding out more about these amazing radiologists. The Winter 2023 newsletter’s featured guest interviewee this time around is Dr. Mahesh Thapa, Class of 2005. Don’t miss seeing the photos he has generously shared on pages 4-6!

A brilliant sunset from President's Day 2015

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Rohrmann Endowment funds support resident research publications

The Rohrmann Endowment funded the publication of “Primary Thyroid Hemangioma, A Rare Diagnosis in a Patient with a Painless Neck Mass” and “Oncocytic Carcinoma of the Parotid Gland as a Manifestation of Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome” in Radiology Case Reports. This funding provided opportunities for two residents to share their research with a wide audience reach.

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