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Charles A. Rohrmann, Jr., M.D., Endowment for Radiology Resident Educational Excellence

UW Radiology Alumni & Friends Reception at RSNA 2022 – enjoy these photos and thank you to all who joined us!

The Rohrmann Endowment was created in 2010 to support the future of resident education in the Department of Radiology. This Endowment was modeled after Dr. Charles Rohrmann, who joined our department in 1975 and served as director or associate director of the Radiology Residency Program for nearly 30 years before retiring in 2020. He is responsible for establishing and upholding the high standards of our Radiology practice which the Residency program maintains today.
These funds, available from no other source, directly impact the quality of resident education, ensuring access to leading-edge educational technology, research support, and professional development opportunities to prepare residents for a strong future in radiology, as well as strengthening Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives.



Fall 2022 Endowment Newsletter

Rohrmann Endowment funds support training experiences for underrepresented minority students

Interns Simarjot Mann and Alaylah Bingley during the ultrasound shadowing segment of the internship.

A dedicated team of faculty, staff and trainees serving on the “Build a Pipeline” subcommittee of the Department’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee began with a vision and a plan in 2020 to develop a program aimed at attracting, recruiting, and training a diverse workforce to advance a climate that fosters inclusion excellence. The initial focus of this subcommittee was to offer summer internships for underrepresented students from high schools, colleges, and medical schools within the region and over time to expand this program nationally. This outreach program would introduce a structured mentored internship program to expose students to radiology services and research, providing a small stipend to the students for their dedication of time to the training.

In August, six high school students participated in a four-week inaugural summer internship. Sixty faculty, staff, residents and fellows gave lectures, hosted workshops, and provided shadowing experiences and soft skills development for this internship in collaboration with the Department of Radiation Oncology. Student interns learned about radiation safety and shadowed with CT, MRI, ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine techs, learning about career opportunities in a radiology department.

The Rohrmann Endowment provided funding to purchase ultrasound and Ultrasound/CT/MRI compatible phantoms which the trainees learned how to use in simulated ultrasound-guided procedures. “Thank you to Rohrmann Endowment fund donors and the Education Endowment Advisory Committee for allocating funds for us to purchase ultrasound and Ultrasound/CT/MRI compatible phantoms. These were extremely useful for our summer internship conducted for six underrepresented high school students this past August,” Hubert Vesselle, PhD, MD, Professor, Director of Global Health, Build a Pipeline subcommittee co-chair.

Endowment Supports Residents’ Presentations at National and International Meetings

L to R: Savannah Partridge, PhD, Anne Chen, MD, Habib Rahbar, MD, Marissa Lawson, MD

In May, Chief Research Resident Dr. Anne Chen attended and presented at the annual Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) 2022 conference.

“Giving my oral presentation to future breast imaging colleagues at SBI was nerve wracking, but incredibly fulfilling. It was also a great experience to be able to network in-person with future colleagues, given that this was the first SBI conference since Covid-19. Lastly, exploring the city of Savannah was stellar!! I want to thank the Rohrmann Endowment for the support and funding to attend this conference to present my work. Most importantly, I want to give my thanks and appreciation to my mentors, Drs. Habib Rahbar and Savannah Partridge, as well as my postdoc fellow contributor, Anum Kazerouni, PhD.

– Anne Chen, MD, PGY-5, Chief Research Resident 2022-2023


In September, Integrated IR Resident Dr. Kara Fitzgerald attended the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiologic Society of Europe (CIRSE) in Barcelona, Spain along with her mentor Dr. Jesse Knight for a poster presentation. “With the help and support from the generous donations to the Rohrmann Endowment fund, I was able to attend in person. Attending this conference afforded great networking and a unique opportunity to see new techniques and technology from this society. And, it was an honor to share our presentation! Thanks to all who made this possible.
– Kara Fitzgerald, MD, PGY-4 Integrated IR Resident

L to R: Jesse Knight, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology, Kara Fitzgerald, MD, PGY-4 Integrated IR Resident

Meet the New Radiology Residency Leadership Team!

The UW Radiology residency program recently welcomed new leaders who are guiding our residents. You will see some familiar faces and be introduced to new ones – it’s an exciting time for all here in the UW Department of Radiology!

Meet the new residency leadership on Page 3

UW Radiology Nuclear Medicine Resident Research News

The UW Department of Radiology’s Nuclear Medicine Residency program was ranked Number 1 out of 37 programs in the US for research output by Doximity, a professional medical network for physicians.

In the 2022 graduating year, 11 PMID publications from six trainees showed a significant upward trajectory of scholarly activities by Nuclear Medicine residents at UW Radiology, compared to 5 PMID publications from six trainees achieved during the program in 2021.

Trainees in the Nuclear Medicine residency program receive excellent teaching by our dedicated faculty to become strong nuclear medicine practitioners. They learn how to integrate nuclear medicine diagnostic scans and therapies in the overall management of patients. Nuclear medicine trainees are also provided many opportunities to become effective educators and independent scientific investigators.

An Educational Exhibit at RSNA 2022 entitled, “Assessing Tumor Response to Therapy With Hybrid Imaging: Practical Aspects” will be presented by Laith Abandeh, MD, nuclear medicine fellow. His co-authors are Murat Sadic, MD, nuclear medicine chief resident and Hubert Vesselle, PhD, MD, professor, PET/CT Fellowship Director.

For more updates, read the full Fall 2022 Endowment Newsletter here.