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Resident Benefits

UW Benefits & Resident/Fellow Physician Union-Northwest 

The Resident and Fellow Physician Union – Northwest, formerly known as University of Washington Housetaff Association (UWHA), is the collective bargaining group that represents residents and fellows. This union was formed in 1964 with the goal to advocate for residents and fellows. To learn more about the union, visit: https://rfpu.org/

We offer a competitive salary and benefit package.

More details regarding salaries and contracts can be found at https://sites.uw.edu/uwgme/residents-fellows/

Additional benefits:

  • 4 weeks of vacation per academic year
  • 1 paid personal holiday each calendar year
  • 11 paid holidays each year covered by residents/attendings on call
  • 10 professional days/academic year – to be used to for conference, fellowship and/or job interviews, etc.
  • $2500 annual home call/transportation stipend
  • $1350 annual educational fund
  • Free U-PASS (public transit card with unlimited use)
  • Competitive health and dental insurance


Our program offers multiple moonlighting opportunities, with additional opportunities in development.

On Call Assistant – available to PGY 2 – 5 residents

Assists the UW resident on call by answering phones, protocoling studies, and other administrative tasks. Weekday shifts are available on Monday – Friday from 6:00-9:30 pm for $55/hour. Weekend shifts are available on Saturday – Sunday from 1:00-7:00 pm for $65/hour.

Protocolling for FHCC – available to PGY 3-5 residents

Protocolling studies for abdominal imaging at the FHCC for the next 30 days. This can be done remotely, with weekday shifts available Monday – Friday starting at 6:00pm. This pays $75/shift and can be often completed in less than one hour.

Northwest Hospital Coverage – available to PGY-5 residents

Weekend day shift from 8 am to 5 pm.  This shift involves image interpretation at Northwest Hospital, a community hospital within the UW system. Residents provide preliminary reports for ED, inpatient, and outpatient studies if time permits. This pays $900 per shift. 

TPS Pay-Per-Case – available to PGY 4-5 residents

The moonlighting resident generates preliminary reports for cross-sectional cases from the abdominal, chest, and/or neuroradiology lists after hours (6:00 pm-7:00 am) on a pay-per-case basis. This can be done on-site or from home. The UW Radiology IT department will loan home workstations to interested senior residents. Our residents really enjoy this opportunity and the flexibility it offers.