UW Radiology

Imaging Equipment

Whole-Body MRI at UW Medical Center Diagnostic Imaging Sciences Center
Providing access to state-of-the-art MR systems and technical expertise. Brain Imaging Core- assistance in all aspects of study design, implementation, and support using several modern brain imaging techniques
 that are capable of evaluating brain structure and function.

Faculty Director:  Kenneth Maravilla, M.D.
Contact email: kmarav@uw.edu
Staff Lead:  Liza Young
Contact email: liza14@uw.edu
Telephone: 206 685-0457

Magnetic Resonance Research Laboratory - Kenneth Maravilla, M.D., Director



 Whole-Body MRI at UW South Lake Union Bio-Medical Imaging Center

The BioMolecular Imaging Center (BMIC): (a) develops novel imaging techniques for anatomic, functional, tissue and molecular applications, (b) provides a full range of imaging services, and (c) facilitates research for scientific and biomedical institutions throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Faculty Director: Chun Yuan, Ph.D.
Contact email: cyuan@uw.edu
Staff Lead Contact email: bmic@uw.edu
Vascular Imaging Laboratory - Chun Yuan, Ph.D., Director



MRI/MRS at UW Medical Center MR Spectroscopy

The Bruker 4.7T magnet with a 30 cm bore

is equipped with high-speed 100 mT/m gradients and a Varian Spectrometer Console. This system is capable of high-resolution imaging and broadband spectroscopy. It supports research in the areas of human muscle energetics, perfusion, molecular imaging and multinuclear spectroscopy.

The 7T vertical magnet with a 7.5 cm bore is fitted with custom gradients and RF hardware designed and built in the MR Research Laboratory. Software and pulse sequences developed on this system are readily transportable to the 4.7T scanner. This system is used primarily for multinuclear spectroscopy studies and microscopic MR imaging.

Faculty Director:  Kevin Conley, PhD
Contact email: kconley@u.wasington.edu
Scheduling:  Donghoon Lee, PhD
Contact email: dhoonlee@u.washington.edu
Contact phone:  206 685-2357



 MRI/MRS at UW South Lake Union NMR

The lab uses in vivo spectroscopy to non-invasively measure mitochondrial function and skeletal muscle energetics in mouse models of disease.

Faculty Director:  David Marcinek, Ph.D.
Contact email: dmarc@uw.edu
Staff Lead:  Ken Marro, Ph.D.
Contact email:  marro@uw.edu
Contact phone:  206 598-6258


 PET-CT_HMC PET/CT Scanner at Harborview Medical

The Harborview Medical Center PET/CT scanner facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art PET/CT system featuring sub-millimeter CT imaging and time of flight (TOF) PET technology. This scanner is available for a wide-range of research applications and offers a convenient location and flexible scheduling.

Staff Lead:  Barbara Lewellen
Contact phone:  543-4045
Contact email: barblewe@uw.edu



MicroPET at UW Health Sciences Building

Providing access to small animal PET imaging resource and technical expertise.  The resource includes an Inveon dedicated small animal PET system, a gamma counter, a dose calibrator, two anesthesia units and physiologic monitoring equipment.  Animal Bio-Imaging Core – assistance in all aspects of study design, implementation and basic data analysis support.

Faculty Director:  Robert Miyaoka
Contact phone:  543-2084
Contact email:  rmiyaoka@uw.edu


 PrimatePET_UW Small Animal PET Scanner at UW Health Sciences Building

We offer nuclear imaging of small and medium size animals (rabbits, dogs) in our Hamamatsu SHR-7700 PET Scanner. We can also provide assistance with experimental design, IACUC protocol development, and image analysis, if desired.

Faculty Director:  Robert Miyaoka
Contact phone:  543-2084
Contact email:  rmiyaoka@uw.edu



Radiochemistry Laboratory at UW Health Sciences

The University of Washington Radiochemistry Laboratory.Contact Information

Staff Lead: Steven Shoner, Ph.D.
206 598-6711



UW Molecular Tracer Laboratory in SODO

The University of Washington SODO Tracer Laboratory is GLP-radiopharmaceutical development and production facility located in downtown Seattle, dedicated to translational research, through the application of established and novel PET based radiopharmaceuticals.

Staff Lead:  Steven Shoner, Ph.D.
Phone:  206 598-6711