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Endovascular retrieval of contraceptive implant embolized to pulmonary artery
Wilcox K., Turcer F., Soltes G., Shin D.
Radiology Case Reports. 2018 Dec:1285-1288

Emergent embolization of a ruptured splenic artery aneurysm complicating Menkes disease
Olivieri J., Jeyakumar A., Shivaram G., Koo K., Monroe E.
Radiology Case Reports. 2018 Dec:1267-1270

Arteriocaval Fistula and Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage after Removal of Caval Filter Near the Right Renal Artery
Malone C., Shin D., Ingraham C.
Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. 2018 Nov:1620-1622

Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis for Portal Vein Thrombosis in Children: A Case Series
Koo K., Lamar D., Shaw D., Monroe E., Shivaram G.
Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. 2018 Nov:1578-1583

Hepatic Adenoma Arising in a Patient With Alagille Syndrome: A Case Report
Pacheco M., Monroe E., Horslen S.
Pediatric and Developmental Pathology. 2018 Nov:585-589

90Y Radioembolization for hepatic malignancy in patients with previous biliary intervention: Multicenter analysis of hepatobiliary infections
Devulapalli K., Fidelman N., Soulen M., Miller M., Johnson M., Addo E., El-Haddad G., Nutting C., Morrison J., Farsad K., Peter Lokken R., Gaba R., Fleming J., Brown D., Kwan S., Rose S., Pennycooke K., Liu D., White S., Gandhi R., Lazar A., Kerlan R.
Radiology. 2018 Sep:774-781

Emergent stent-graft repair of a massive aortic pseudoaneurysm secondary to behçet’s disease in a child
Dawson A., Shivaram G., Baxter S., Monroe E., Koo K.
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. 2018 Sep:295-297

Transsplenic splenoportography and portal venous interventions in pediatric patients
Monroe E., Speir E., Hawkins C., Shivaram G., Koo K., Gill A.
Pediatric Radiology. 2018 Sep:1441-1450

Non–Small-Cell lung cancer: Feasibility of intratumoral radiofrequency hyperthermia–enhanced herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene therapy
Ji J., Weng Q., Zhang F., Xiong F., Jin Y., Hui J., Song J., Gao J., Chen M., Li Q., Shin D., Yang X.
Radiology. 2018 Aug:612-620

Fe3+@polyDOPA- b-polysarcosine, a T1-Weighted MRI Contrast Agent via Controlled NTA Polymerization
Miao Y., Xie F., Cen J., Zhou F., Tao X., Luo J., Han G., Kong X., Yang X., Sun J., Ling J.
ACS Macro Letters. 2018 Jun:693-698

Ultrasound-guided lumbar puncture in pediatric patients: technical success and safety
Pierce D., Shivaram G., Koo K., Shaw D., Meyer K., Monroe E.
Pediatric Radiology. 2018 Jun:875-881

Clinical and Imaging Predictors of Surgical Splenorenal Shunt Dysfunction in Pediatric Patients
Woerner A., Shivaram G., Koo K., Hsu E., Dick A., Monroe E.
Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. 2018 Jun:e139-e145

Cone beam computed tomography-guided transpterygoidal aspiration of a carotid space abscess in Lemierre’s syndrome
Monroe E., Amlie-Lefond C.
Radiology Case Reports. 2018 Jun:618-621