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The University of Washington’s Breast Imaging program is one of the top programs of its kind in the country. Our faculty members are fellowship-trained and leading experts in all areas of breast imaging, including the use of new methods, applications, and factors that influence the performance of different technologies. First and foremost, they are patient care experts who care for diverse populations of women in the northwest. Research and education make up the other two parts of the academic center model, and our program excels in these areas. Breast imaging faculty and trainees receive extensive funding for key research projects and have a commitment to publishing their work. Our fellowship program is one of the most prestigious and selective in the country, and many of our graduates choose to continue their careers in academic settings. For questions regarding our program, please contact nguyenk6@uw.edu.

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Breast Imaging team (L to R): Ojas Ramwala, Wesley Surento, Cherisse Wada, Kiet Vo, Diana Lam, Rong Rong, Anna Anderson, Habib Rahbar, Janie Lee, Mike Hirano, Savannah Partridge, Catherine Wieland, Kathryn Lowry, Lolly Corcoran, Hye Shin Ahn, Vivian Park, Debosmita Biswas, Mary Lyn Bryant, Suzanne Kolb.