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“My exceptional training at UW insured that I became a patient-centered, technically-skilled interventional radiologist.”
Brandon Perry, MD
UW IR Fellow 2018

“I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had the privilege of training at the University of Washington. I wanted experience in multiple clinical settings, including an academic hospital and a level one trauma center. The exposure to peripheral arterial disease, complex venous disease, and hepatobiliary interventions is second to none. On top of that, the faculty at UW are wonderful mentors who I know that I can always ask for advice, in and out of the angiography suite. I look forward to becoming a part of that culture and fostering the development of capable and hardworking vascular and interventional radiologists.”
Matthew Abad-Santos, MD
UW IR Resident 2022

“I always knew UW IR was a world class training program, but it wasn’t until I graduated that I realized how truly comprehensive and cutting-edge my experience was. The program provides the perfect balance of clinical autonomy and mentorship from leaders in the field. The case diversity is unmatched – from trauma volume spanning 5 states, to complex venous interventions and collaborative PAD work. UW IR provided me with a broad skill set that allows me to take on challenging cases without pause, and I am grateful for the mentorship I have and will continue to receive from this amazing program!”
Arthie Jeyakumar, MD
UW IR Resident 2022

Recent graduates from the IR Residency and Fellowship

Class of 2022

  • Matthew Abad-Santos, M.D.

  • Ethan Hua, M.D., M.S.

  • Arthie Jeyakumar, M.D.

  • Maria Quezada, M.D., M.A.

Class of 2021

  • Fred Bertino, M.D.

    Emory University Pediatric IR Fellowship

  • Aaron Daub, M.D., Ph.D.

    Memorial Medical Center- Modesto

Class of 2020

  • Doug Hidlay, M.D.

    Augusta Health

  • Sean Jones, M.D.

    Billings Clinic

  • Derek Khorsand, M.D.

    Kootenai Imaging

  • Jeb List, M.D.

    Consultants of the Midwest P.C.

  • Hong-Ngoc Vo, M.D.

    St. Joseph’s Medical Center

Class of 2019

  • Kevin Connolly, M.D.

    Kaiser Permanente, CA

  • David Magill, M.D.

    Iowa Radiology, IA

  • David Pierce, M.D.

    Integrated Imaging Associates, IL

  • Whitney Shofner-Michalsky, M.D.

    Boise Radiology Group, ID

  • Jacob Smith, M.D.

    Mount Baker Imaging, WA

Class of 2018

  • Christopher Green, M.D.

    Tacoma Radiology Associates, Tacoma, WA

  • Christopher Malone, M.D.

    Mallinkrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University, MO

  • Brandon Perry, M.D.

    Radiology Specialist of Florida, Maitland, FL

  • Sean Pietrini, M.D.

    Advanced Radiology, NE

  • Filip Turcer, M.D.

    Radia Providence Everett Medical Center, Lynnwood, WA

Class of 2017

  • Keith Chan, M.D., M.S.

    Valley Medical Center, WA

  • Isaac Kim, M.D.

    Sutter Health, Sacramento, CA

  • Donald "DJ" Perry, M.D.

    Radiology Specialists of Florida, Maitland, FL

  • Stephanie Soriano, M.D.

    Providence Medical Center, Tigar, OR

  • Cosette Stahl, D.O.

    Radiology Imaging Associates, CO

Class of 2016

  • Daniel Adams, M.D.

    St. George Radiology, St. George, Utah

  • Ethan Dobrow, M.D.

    Agusta Veterans Administration Hospital, ME

  • Patrick Flanagan, M.D.

    Tacoma Radiology Associates, Tacoma, WA

  • David S. Shin, M.D.

    University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA

  • Kunal Sidhar, M.D.

    St. Joseph Health, Launa Niguel, CA

Class of 2015

  • Justin Tan, M.D.

    Kaiser, San Diego, CA

  • Jacob Thomas, M.D.

    Vascular and Interventional Physicians/Spectrum Health Care Partners, Portland, NH

  • Sean Wilson, M.D.

    UMass Memorial Medical Center, Worcester, MA