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Application Process

How to Apply to the University of Washington Nuclear Medicine Residency Program

The American Board of Nuclear Medicine has recently updated their requirements for ACGME residency consideration.

It is required for an applicant to have completed a minimum of one year ACGME accredited postdoctoral clinical medicine training program in the United States prior to nuclear medicine training.

We do not coordinate the PGY-1 year for candidates, but will consider applicants who are currently enrolled and performing well, or already have an upcoming PGY 1 year in place with acceptance contingent on the expectation that the PGY 1 year will be completed successfully.

All candidates need to have taken and passed USMLE Step 3 prior to an application being considered for an interview with our division.

Foreign Medical Graduates:

If you are seeking an American Board of Radiology (ABR) Alternate Pathway with Nuclear Medicine as part of the four year training program, the University of Washington GMEC committee reviews all FMG applicants prior to any possible offers. Only exceptional FMG candidates will be eligible for an Alternate Pathway position.

All candidates considering the ABR Alternate Pathway need to contact Trixie RomboutsĀ at btrxe@uw.edu regarding ABR Alternate Pathway application requirements.

Length of Nuclear Medicine training requirement is dependent on whether applicant has completed a diagnostic radiology residency in the United States. Post graduate training has to have provided broad experience in Clinical Medicine. Individuals with additional training are encouraged to apply.

Click here to download the UW Nuclear Medicine application form.

To apply, please complete the UW Nuclear Medicine application form and return, along with supporting documentation requested to:

David H. Lewis, M.D.
Director of Nuclear Medicine Residency Program
University of Washington Medical Center
1959 N.E. Pacific St., Box 356113
Seattle, WA 98195-6113

Please answer all questions carefully. When you select your references, please inform them of that fact and ask them to write to us directly at the time your application is submitted.

If you need further assistance, please contact University of Washington Nuclear Medicine administration at: nmadmin@u.washington.edu