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COVID-19 in an asymptomatic patient undergoing FDG PET/CT
Johnson L.N., Vesselle H.
Radiology Case Reports. 2020 Oct:1809-1812

Biokinetics of Radiolabeled Monoclonal Antibody BC8: Differences in Biodistribution and Dosimetry Among Hematologic Malignancies
Matesan M., Fisher D.R., Wong R., Gopal A.K., Green D.J., Sandmaier B.M., Bensinger W., Pagel J.M., Orozco J., Press O.W., Cassaday R.D., Hutchinson E., Wanner M., Pal S., Thostenson C., Rajendran J.G.
Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine. 2020 Sep:1300-1306

Virtual Reality to Relieve Pain in Burn Patients Undergoing Imaging and Treatment
Bermo M.S., Patterson D., Sharar S.R., Hoffman H., Lewis D.H.
Topics in magnetic resonance imaging : TMRI. 2020 Aug:203-208

Mesenteric panniculitis mimicking early recurrence at end-of-treatment evaluation in malignant lymphoma: Differentiation by active surveillance with F-18 FDG PET/CT imaging
Ishiyama M., Matesan M.
Radiology Case Reports. 2020 Jul:1006-1010

Virtual Clinical Trials: Why and What (Special Section Guest Editorial)
Samei E., Kinahan P., Nishikawa R.M., Maidment A.
Journal of Medical Imaging. 2020 Jul

Virtual clinical trials in medical imaging: A review
Abadi E., Segars W.P., Tsui B.M.W., Kinahan P.E., Bottenus N., Frangi A.F., Maidment A., Lo J., Samei E.
Journal of Medical Imaging. 2020 Jul

Radiologic Assessment of Groin Lymph Nodes in Pelvic Malignancies
Rudra S., Fuser D., DeWees T.A., Wan L., Gang M., Hui C.Y., Rao Y.J., Siegel B.A., Dehdashti F., Mutch D.G., Powell M.A., Schwarz J.K., Grigsby P.W., Chen D.L., Markovina S.
International journal of gynecological cancer : official journal of the International Gynecological Cancer Society. 2020 Jul:947-953

Non-Positive Corrections and Variance Models for Iterative Post-Log Reconstruction of Extremely Low-Dose CT Data
Kim S.M., Lee T.C., Kinahan P.E.
Journal of the Korean Physical Society. 2020 Jul:177-185

Standardization in Quantitative Imaging: A Multicenter Comparison of Radiomic Features from Different Software Packages on Digital Reference Objects and Patient Data Sets
McNitt-Gray M., Napel S., Jaggi A., Mattonen S.A., Hadjiiski L., Muzi M., Goldgof D., Balagurunathan Y., Pierce L.A., Kinahan P.E., Jones E.F., Nguyen A., Virkud A., Chan H.P., Emaminejad N., Wahi-Anwar M., Daly M., Abdalah M., Yang H., Lu L., Lv W., Rahmim A., Gastounioti A., Pati S., Bakas S., Kontos D., Zhao B., Kalpathy-Cramer J., Farahani K.
Tomography (Ann Arbor, Mich.). 2020 Jun:118-128

Multisite Technical and Clinical Performance Evaluation of Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers from 3D FDG PET Segmentations of Head and Neck Cancer Images
Smith B.J., Buatti J.M., Bauer C., Ulrich E.J., Ahmadvand P., Budzevich M.M., Gillies R.J., Goldgof D., Grkovski M., Hamarneh G., Kinahan P.E., Muzi J.P., Muzi M., Laymon C.M., Mountz J.M., Nehmeh S., Oborski M.J., Zhao B., Sunderland J.J., Beichel R.R.
Tomography (Ann Arbor, Mich.). 2020 Jun:65-76

A case of multiple aggressive osseous hemangiomas on bone scan
Qaseem Y., Bermo M., Matesan M., Behnia F., Verma N., Elojeimy S.
Radiology Case Reports. 2020 Mar:226-229

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) complicated by pulmonary embolism and acute respiratory distress syndrome
Li T., Cheng G.S., Pipavath S.N.J., Kicska G.A., Liu L., Kinahan P.E., Wu W.
Journal of Medical Virology. 2020 Jan

90Y-labeled anti-CD45 antibody allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for high-risk multiple myeloma
Tuazon S.A., Sandmaier B.M., Gooley T.A., Fisher D.R., Holmberg L.A., Becker P.S., Lundberg S.J., Orozco J.J., Gopal A.K., Till B.G., Coffey D.G., Nartea M.E., Matesan M.C., Pagel J.M., Rajendran J.G., Press O.W., Bensinger W.I., Green D.J.
Bone Marrow Transplantation. 2020 Jan

Whole-Lesion DCE-MRI Intensity Histogram Analysis for Diagnosis in Patients with Suspected Lung Cancer
Wu W., Zhou S., Hippe D.S., Liu H., Wang Y., Mayr N.A., Yuh W.T.C., Xia L., Bowen S.R.
Academic Radiology. 2020 Jan

Bone material analogues for PET/MRI phantoms
Chandramohan D., Cao P., Han M., An H., Sunderland J.J., Kinahan P.E., Laforest R., Hope T.A., Larson P.E.Z.
Medical Physics. 2020 Jan

The QIBA profile for FDG PET/CT as an imaging biomarker measuring response to cancer therapy
Kinahan P.E., Perlman E.S., Sunderland J.J., Subramaniam R., Wollenweber S.D., Turkington T.G., Lodge M.A., Boellaard R., Obuchowski N.A., Wahl R.L.
Radiology. 2020 Jan:647-657

Deep learning-based model observers that replicate human observers for PET imaging
Fan F., Ahn S., De Man B., Wangerin K.A., Wollenweber S.D., Abbey C.K., Kinahan P.E.
Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE. 2020 Jan

Technical Note: A digital reference object representing Hoffman’s 3D brain phantom for PET scanner simulations
Harrison R., Elston B., Byrd D., Alessio A., Swanson K., Kinahan P.
Medical Physics. 2020 Jan

The Role of the Cerebellum in Pain Perception: A Brain SPECT Perfusion Study in Patients with Burn Injuries
Bermo M.S., Zacharias C., Patterson D., Wilson A., Sharar S., Minoshima S., Hoffman H., Lewis D.H.
Journal of Neuroimaging. 2020 Jan

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