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Dynamic contrast-enhanced breast MRI features correlate with invasive breast cancer angiogenesis
Jennifer M Xiao, H. Rahbar, D. Hippe, et al. - Published 2021 - NPJ BREAST CANCER

Editorial on “Diffusion‐Weighted Double‐Echo Steady‐State with a 3D Cones Trajectory for Non‐Contrast‐Enhanced Breast MRI”
H. Rahbar, S. Partridge - Published 2021 - JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING : JMRI

A Novel Algorithm using Within-leg Calibration for Enhanced Accuracy of Detection of Arthritis by Infrared Thermal Imaging in Children.
Yongdong Zhao, R. S. Iyer, M. Thapa, et al. - Published 2021 - THE JOURNAL OF RHEUMATOLOGY

Accuracy of Preoperative Breast MRI Versus Conventional Imaging in Measuring Pathologic Extent of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma.
Keegan K. Hovis, Janie M. Lee, D. Hippe, et al. - Published 2021 - JOURNAL OF BREAST IMAGING

Factors Affecting Image Quality and Lesion Evaluability in Breast Diffusion-weighted MRI: Observations from the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group Multisite Trial (A6702).
J. Whisenant, J. Romanoff, H. Rahbar, et al. - Published 2021 - JOURNAL OF BREAST IMAGING

Intrinsic radiomics phenotypes of DCI from breast DCE-MRI: demonstrating feasibility in interim analysis of the ECOG-ACRIN E4112 trial
V. Belenky, Rhea D. Chitalia, Nickolas Lewis, et al. - Published 2021 - MEDICAL IMAGING

Screening Breast MRI Primer: Indications, Current Protocols, and Emerging Techniques
N. Samreen, C. Mercado, L. Heacock, et al. - Published 2021

Digital Mammography and Breast Tomosynthesis Performance in Women with a Personal History of Breast Cancer, 2007-2016.
Janie M. Lee, L. Ichikawa, K. Wernli, et al. - Published 2021 - RADIOLOGY

Changes in Mammography Utilization by Women’s Characteristics during the First 5 Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic
B. Sprague, K. Lowry, D. Miglioretti, et al. - Published 2021 - JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE

Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Audit: Pitfalls, Challenges, and Future Considerations.
D. Lam, Janie M. Lee - Published 2021 - RADIOLOGIC CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA

Response to Pisano, Gastonis, Sparano, et al.
K. Kerlikowske, Michael C S Bissell, B. Sprague, et al. - Published 2021 - JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE

Prioritizing breast imaging services during the COVID pandemic: A survey of breast imaging facilities within the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium
B. Sprague, E. O'Meara, Christoph I. Lee, et al. - Published 2021 - PREVENTIVE MEDICINE

Assessment of a Risk-Based Approach for Triaging Mammography Examinations During Periods of Reduced Capacity
D. Miglioretti, Michael C S Bissell, K. Kerlikowske, et al. - Published 2021 - JAMA NETWORK OPEN

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Breast Cancer Mortality in the US: Estimates From Collaborative Simulation Modeling.
O. Alagoz, K. Lowry, A. Kurian, et al. - Published 2021 - JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE

Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis of the Breast: Radiologic–Pathologic Correlation
Niketa Kataria, Elizabeth U. Parker, Mark R Kilgore, et al. - Published 2021

Radiology volunteers to support a breast cancer screening program in Peru: description of the project, preliminary results, and impressions.
I. M. González Moreno, J. Trejo-Falcón, M. Matsumoto, et al. - Published 2021 - RADIOLOGIA

Evaluation of diagnostic ultrasound use in a breast cancer detection strategy in Northern Peru
Segen Aklilu, C. Bain, P. Bansil, et al. - Published 2021 - PLOS ONE