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Review of Artificial Intelligence Training Tools and Courses for Radiologists.
M. Richardson, Scott J. Adams, A. Agarwal, et al. - Published 2021 - ACADEMIC RADIOLOGY

Confidence Can Be Measured and Calibrated.
B. Amini, M. Richardson - Published 2021 - JOURNAL OF GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION

Exophytic External Occipital Protuberance Prevalence Pre- and Post-iPhone Introduction: A Retrospective Cohort
Jack Porrino, Pranay Sunku, Annie Wang, et al. - Published 2021 - THE YALE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE

Ultrasound-guided percutaneous needle tenotomy using Tenex system for refractory lateral epicondylitis; short and long-term effectiveness and contributing factors
M. Chalian, N. Nacey, Udit Rawat, et al. - Published 2021 - SKELETAL RADIOLOGY

Musculoskeletal imaging manifestations of beta-thalassemia
M. Hajimoradi, S. Haseli, A. Abadi, et al. - Published 2021 - SKELETAL RADIOLOGY

Imaging Spectrum of Calvarial Abnormalities.

Osteoarthritis-Related Knee Pain Treated With Genicular Artery Embolization: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
P. Torkian, J. Golzarian, M. Chalian, et al. - Published 2021 - ORTHOPAEDIC JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE

Dual-energy CT-generated bone marrow oedema maps improve timely visualisation and recognition of acute lower extremity fractures.
A. Narayanan, N. Dettori, M. Chalian, et al. - Published 2021 - CLINICAL RADIOLOGY

Role of magnetic resonance neurography in intercostal neuralgia; diagnostic utility and efficacy.
M. Chalian, D. Hoang, S. Rozen, et al. - Published 2021 - THE BRITISH JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY

Breaking Down Fractures of the Pelvis and Hip.
R. Bartolotta, Lily M. Belfi, Alice S. Ha - Published 2021 - SEMINARS IN ROENTGENOLOGY

3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Wrist Tendons.
Christine M Rehwald, Ryan P Joyce, P. Pezeshk, et al. - Published 2020 - TOPICS IN MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING : TMRI

Noninterpretive Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Radiology.
M. Richardson, E. Garwood, Yueh Z. Lee, et al. - Published 2020 - ACADEMIC RADIOLOGY

Measuring and Teaching Confidence Calibration Among Radiologists: A Multi-Institution Study.
M. Richardson, B. Amini, N. Beckmann, et al. - Published 2020 - JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF RADIOLOGY : JACR

Confidence Calibration: An Introduction With Application to Quality Improvement.
B. Amini, R. Bassett, T. M. Haygood, et al. - Published 2020 - JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF RADIOLOGY : JACR

Capsular thinning on magnetic resonance arthrography is associated with intra-operative hip joint laxity in women
Jonathan D Packer, Michael J Foster, G. Riley, et al. - Published 2020 - JOURNAL OF HIP PRESERVATION SURGERY

Deep Learning Improves Predictions of the Need for Total Knee Replacement.
M. Richardson - Published 2020 - RADIOLOGY

Correction to: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of glenoid bone stock and glenoid version: inter-reader analysis and correlation with rotator cuff tendinopathy and atrophy in patients with shoulder osteoarthritis
M. Siebert, M. Chalian, A. Sharifi, et al. - Published 2020 - SKELETAL RADIOLOGY

Sclerotic bone lesions caused by non-infectious and non-neoplastic diseases: a review of the imaging and clinicopathologic findings
V. Gulati, M. Chalian, Jaehyuck Yi, et al. - Published 2020 - SKELETAL RADIOLOGY

Soft tissue mycetoma: “Dot-in-circle” sign on magnetic resonance imaging
Aida Basirat, E. Boothe, A. Mazal, et al. - Published 2020 - RADIOLOGY CASE REPORTS