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CT detectability of small low-contrast hypoattenuating focal lesions: Iterative reconstructions versus filtered back projection
Mileto A., Zamora D., Alessio A., Pereira C., Liu J., Bhargava P., Carnell J., Cowan S., Dighe M., Gunn M., Kim S., Kolokythas O., Lee J., Maki J., Moshiri M., Nasrullah A., O'Malley R., Schmiedl U., Soloff E., Toia G., Wang C., Kanal K.
Radiology. 2018 Nov:443-454

Invited Commentary on “Radiation Dose Reduction in Pediatric CT,” with Response from Dr Nagayama et al
Kanal K.
Radiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc. 2018 Sep:1440-1442

MRI sport-specific pulley imaging
Hoff M., Greenberg T.
Skeletal Radiology. 2018 Jul:989-992

Objective Evaluation of CT Time Efficiency in Acute Stroke Response
Brunnquell C., Avey G., Szczykutowicz T.
Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2018 Jun:876-880

A General Framework for Monitoring Image Acquisition Workflow in the Radiology Environment: Timeliness for Acute Stroke CT Imaging
Szczykutowicz T., Brunnquell C., Avey G., Bartels C., Belden D., Bruce R., Field A., Peppler W., Wasmund P., Wendt G.
Journal of Digital Imaging. 2018 Apr:201-209

Intrathecal antibody distribution in the rat brain: surface diffusion, perivascular transport and osmotic enhancement of delivery
Pizzo M., Wolak D., Kumar N., Brunette E., Brunnquell C., Hannocks M., Abbott N., Meyerand M., Sorokin L., Stanimirovic D., Thorne R.
Journal of Physiology. 2018 Feb:445-475

Practical CT Dose Monitoring: Current Tools and the Clinical Relevance
Cross N., Zamora D., Moirano J., Hoff M., Kanal K.
Seminars in Roentgenology. 2018 Jan

Diagnostic Reference Levels for Adult Patients in the United States
Butler P., Kanal K.
Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2018 Jan

Monitoring and Follow-Up of High Radiation Dose Cases in Interventional Radiology
Perry B., Ingraham C., Stewart B., Valji K., Kanal K.
Academic Radiology. 2018 Jan

Imaging of Acetabular Fractures: A Phantom Study Comparing Radiation Dose by Radiography and Computed Tomography
Favinger J., Zamora D., Kanal K., Gross J., Gunn M.
Seminars in Roentgenology. 2018 Jan

Avoiding MRI-Related Accidents: A Practical Approach to Implementing MR Safety
Cross N., Hoff M., Kanal K.
Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2018 Jan

Pediatric Percutaneous Osteoid Osteoma Ablation: Cone-Beam CT with Fluoroscopic Overlay Versus Conventional CT Guidance
Perry B., Monroe E., McKay T., Kanal K., Shivaram G.
CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology. 2017 Oct:1593-1599

U.S. diagnostic reference levels and achievable doses for 10 adult CT examinations
Kanal K., Butler P., Sengupta D., Bhargavan-Chatfield M., Coombs L., Morin R.
Radiology. 2017 Jul:120-133

Combined geometric and algebraic solutions for removal of bSSFP banding artifacts with performance comparisons
Hoff M., Andre J., Xiang Q.
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 2017 Feb:644-654

Targeted CT dose reduction using a novel dose metric and the American College of Radiology Dose index registry: Application to thoracic CT angiography
Zamora D., Robinson J., Kanal K.
American Journal of Roentgenology. 2016 Nov:1039-1045

Wide-detector axial CT versus 4 cm detector helical CT for transcatheter aortic valve replacement: iodine dose, radiation, and image quality
Shuman W., Green D., Busey J., Ramos M., Branch K., Koprowicz K., Kanal K.
Clinical Imaging. 2016 Nov:1213-1218

Data-driven optimized flip angle selection for T1estimation from spoiled gradient echo acquisitions
Lewis C., Hurley S., Meyerand M., Koay C.
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 2016 Sep:792-802