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Correction to: Ovarian torsion: developing a machine-learned algorithm for diagnosis (Pediatric Radiology, (2020), 50, 5, (706-714), 10.1007/s00247-019-04601-3)
Otjen J.P., Stanescu A.L., Alessio A.M., Parisi M.T.
Pediatric Radiology. 2020 May:757-758

Ovarian torsion: developing a machine-learned algorithm for diagnosis
Otjen J.P., Stanescu A.L., Alessio A.M., Parisi M.T.
Pediatric Radiology. 2020 May:706-714

Dual-energy CT of pediatric abdominal oncology imaging: Private tour of new applications of CT technology
Kamps S.E., Otjen J.P., Stanescu A.L., Mileto A., Lee E.Y., Phillips G.S.
American Journal of Roentgenology. 2020 May:967-975

Burnout among Interventional Radiologists
Bundy J.J., Hage A.N., Srinivasa R.N., Gemmete J.J., Lee E., Gross J.S., Healey T.L., Solberg A.O., Monroe E.J., Chick J.F.B.
Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. 2020 Apr:607-613.e1

Heterogeneous Liver on Research Ultrasound Identifies Children with Cystic Fibrosis at High Risk of Advanced Liver Disease: Interim Results of a Prospective Observational Case-Controlled Study
Siegel M.J., Freeman A.J., Ye W., Palermo J.J., Molleston J.P., Paranjape S.M., Stoll J., Leung D.H., Masand P., Karmazyn B., Harned R., Ling S.C., Navarro O.M., Karnsakul W., Alazraki A., Schwarzenberg S.J., Seidel F.G., Towbin A., Alonso E.M., Nicholas J.L., Murray K.F., Otto R.K., Sherker A.H., Magee J.C., Narkewicz M.R.
Journal of Pediatrics. 2020 Apr:62-69.e4

Magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers for pulsed focused ultrasound treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Maloney E., Wang Y.N., Vohra R., Son H., Whang S., Khokhlova T., Park J., Gravelle K., Totten S., Hwang J.H., Lee D.
World Journal of Gastroenterology. 2020 Mar:904-917

MRI Vessel Wall Enhancement and Other Imaging Biomarkers in Pediatric Focal Cerebral Arteriopathy-Inflammatory Subtype
Perez F.A., Oesch G., Amlie-Lefond C.M.
Stroke. 2020 Mar:853-859

Brain tissue gadolinium retention in pediatric patients after contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance exams: pathological confirmation
Stanescu A., Shaw D., Murata N., Murata K., Rutledge J., Maloney E., Maravilla K.
Pediatric Radiology. 2020 Jan

Imaging of Pediatric Gastrointestinal Emergencies
Pathak P., Gross J., Thapa M.
Seminars in Roentgenology. 2020 Jan

Secondary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy associated with pediatric primary lung squamous cell carcinoma
Cao C., Otjen J., Shenoi S.
Journal of Clinical Rheumatology. 2020 Jan:E10-E11

Pathogenic variants in NUBPL result in failure to assemble the matrix arm of complex I and cause a complex leukoencephalopathy with thalamic involvement
Friederich M., Perez F., Knight K., Van Hove R., Yang S., Saneto R., Van Hove J.
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. 2020 Jan

Longer upper airway lengths in Robin Sequence: A case-control study using computed tomography
Perez F.A., Hottinger D.G., Evans K.N., Giles M., Otto R.K., Hunyady A., Gentry K.R.
Paediatric Anaesthesia. 2020 Jan

Subdural hemorrhage rebleeding in abused children: frequency, associations and clinical presentation
Wright J., Feyma T., Ishak G., Abeshaus S., Metz J., Brown E., Friedman S., Browd S., Feldman K.
Pediatric Radiology. 2019 Dec:1762-1772

Cerebral palsy — beyond hip deformities
Otjen J., Sousa T., Bauer J., Thapa M.
Pediatric Radiology. 2019 Nov:1587-1594