UW Radiology


Abdominal Radiology Observations

Abdominal Radiology offers observerships lasting from one day to four weeks. We are able to accommodate one observer at a time or two observers from the same institution.

We provide the full range of body imaging services, including ultrasound, CT and MR. We also have a separate procedures service which performs image-guided biopsies and interventions. While here, you are welcome to attend any of our regularly-scheduled conferences, including departmental lectures as well as a variety of interdepartmental conferences.  You may elect to observe the parts of our practice that are of most interest to you, and are welcome to review our large database of examinations at your leisure.

For more details on our practice spectrum and equipment please refer to our home page.

Fee Schedule

Fees for the observerships are as follows:

$100 per day

$500 for 1 week (5 days)

$1000 for 2 weeks (10 days)

$2000 for 4 weeks (20 days)


Application Form:

Please complete an application form from the University of Washington Medical Director’s office and submit it to:

Bill Freeberg, the Abdominal Radiology program administrator via email at freeberg@uw.edu.