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Bio-Molecular Imaging Center

Director: Chun Yuan, Ph.D.
Email: cyuan@uw.edu

Research MRI Scanner

Founded in 2006, The Bio-Molecular Imaging Center’s (BMIC) mission is to develop novel imaging techniques for anatomic, functional, tissue and molecular applications. Specifically, we perform cutting edge imaging of atherosclerotic plaques in the carotid artery, including 2D and 3D techniques, Functional Imaging (fMRI) for brain assessments and visualization, as well as cardiac stem cell viability studies.

Research topics include cardiovascular disease, vessel imaging, Alzheimer’s, obesity, aortic dissection, pancreatic cancer, muscular dystrophy and brain genetics. We have the Northwest’s only High-Intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) system used for disease model and phantom imaging. We currently have over 60 ongoing studies.

With a state of the art Philips 3T Ingenia system MRI, HIFU equipment, custom RF coils, and extensive physicist support, our center aims to expand understanding of disease etiology and physiological functions via imaging. We work with researchers within and external to the UW system, as well as offer pilot time to encourage new research projects. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about new or existing research projects.


  • BMIC is proud to announce that our MRI system has been successfully upgraded to a state-of-the-art 3T Philips Ingenia MRI.  Details about the new scanner are available at this link. (Oct. 2015)
  • BMIC successfully organized MR Symposium —- “New Frontiers in Imaging”. Agenda is available following this link. (Oct. 7th, 2015).

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