UW Radiology

Image Research and Informatics Server (IRIS)

The ​​Image Research and Informatics Server (IRIS) is a resource supporting research with DICOM images. IRIS hosts virtual servers that run the following applications:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • ​RAD-MIM-01 ServerMIM is a software suite that allows users to create workflows to acquire, process, and store images.  Images can be pushed or pulled from Clinical PACS (or other DICOM sources) and then processed with a wide range of image analysis tools. ​
  • MiM also supports automated workflows that uses rule based actions. These can be prospective workflows, such as image segmentation, DICOM de-identification, etc. Additionally, MiM can be used to retrospectively process data to extract new information, such as statistics, image information, etc.​
  • MIM is accessed by installing a client application on your computer and logging into IRIS-MiM following the directions in the “Getting Started Guide” (links to the right).
  • User account are provided after registration using the links below. Pricing is project-based, at a rate of $5,000/year per project, with unlimited users per project.
  • Projects are typically associated with an NIH grant or other funded research activity.
  • Projects have unique lists of DICOM images that are only associated with the project.
  • Pilot projects: department faculty and staff can register as a user for up to three months for pilot projects to evaluate MiM or to generate preliminary data for a grant proposal.​
  • ACR Triad Server: This server hosts an installation of ACR Triad. ACR Triad can acquire images from clinical PACS, process and send to the ACR. This is used for various research and QA projects.​
  • IRIS-TOOLS (Coming Soon): IRIS-TOOLS will be a remote desktop server offering a variety of open-source image analysis applications ​​​​​​​​​
Contact iris-info@uw.edu​ for more information.