UW Radiology

UW User Imaging at Fred Hutch


UW to FH

For general assistance or questions please contact Elena Carlson, MS, (ecarlson@fredhutch.org or 206-667-4021).

All steps refer to a minimum time frame for approval. The approval process for each step could take up to several weeks longer.

  1. IACUC Application for Imaging:

    IACUC application: imaging approval
    Imaging specifications are required on your IACUC protocol.  It must include the following:
    (1) imaging devices and procedures to be performed
    (2) agents to be administered (ie. contrast, anesthetics)
    (3) personnel performing the imaging
    (4) number of animals
    (5) imaging frequency, session duration, maximum number of sessions, and interval between sessions.

  2. Fred Hutch – Complete Onboarding Process

    Contact Human Resources for information on obtaining a badge.

  3. Fred Hutch Access and Training

    Imaging Technician:  Brianna Wrightson (bwrights@fredhutch.org) or Elena Carlson, MS (ecarlson@fredhutch.org, 206-667-4021).

    3a.          Complete Facility Training

    For Facility Training contact rodentservices@fredhutch.org.

    3b.          Complete Device-Specific Training

    Contact Imaging Technician Brianna Wrightson (bwrights@fredhutch.org) or Elena Carlson, MS (ecarlson@fredhutch.org, 206-667-4021).

    Vevo 2100 Ultrasound
    IVIS Bruker 1T MRI
    2-Photon Microscope

  4. Arranging Animal Transfer

    (1) Submit UW Request for Rodent Health Monitoring Report to export@uw.edu
    Contact Darshini Vijayakumar, (dvijay26@uw.edu) for assistance filling out and submitting this form.
    (2) Submit Fred Hutch Receiving Application
    Contact Amber Carte (acarte@fredhutch.org) for assistance.

  5. Reserve Imaging Device

    Reserve imaging device on the web-based Shared Resources calendar scheduler. Secure connection by being on Hutch campus or VPN required to access link to calendar located at this URL:


  6. Transportation

    (1) Option 1: Submit DCM Vehicle Transportation Service Request Form to cruisin@uw.edu
    Option 2: Submit request to rodentservices@fredhutch.org
    Transport fees differ depending on option 1 or option 2. Contact Darshini Vijayakumar (dvijay26@uw.edu) for assistance with arranging transportation.
    (2) Arrange for personnel to load animals at UW
    Contact Amber Carte (acarte@fredhutch.org) for assistance with receiving animals at Fred Hutch.