UW Radiology

Vascular Imaging Laboratory

Co-Director: Chun Yuan
Email: cyuan@uw.edu

Co-Director: Tom Hatsukami, Surgery
Email: tomhat@uw.edu

The Vascular Imaging Laboratory (VIL) at the University of Washington is comprised of a multi-disciplinary group of researchers who are dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge, education, and training in the field of medical imaging. Our primary focus is atherosclerosis research using high-resolution MRI and other imaging modalities such as CT, PET and ultrasound.  We also provide training, pathology and clinical trial services.

Mission Statement

The Vascular Imaging Lab is committed to advancing imaging technology and identifying the underlying causes of cardiovascular disease initiation, progression, and complications.

VIL in the News

Via an NIH R01 Grant, VIL and our collaborators have been developing new techniques for vessel imaging to look at vessels in the intracranial artery, to find associations between brain vessels and aging related diseases. The following papers have been recently published:

  • CUSTOM + STEP allows multi-contrast 3D 0.5-mm isotropic Intracranial Vessel scans within 30 minutes:
    Balu N, Zhou Z, Hippe DS, Hatsukami T, Mossa-Basha M, Yuan C. Accelerated multi-contrast high isotropic resolution 3D intracranial vessel wall MRI using a tailored k-space undersampling and partially parallel reconstruction strategy. MAGMA. 2019 Jan 3.

Other News: