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Fellowship Opportunities

Undergraduate Opportunities

Exchange Program for Summer 2020

The Vascular Imaging Laboratory is proud to be working with the Department of Radiology on The Advanced Medical Imaging Program, an eight week summer exchange program for undergraduate students to experience research work. Applications are now open for the summer 2020 program. For questions please see the linked page or email Zach Miller zach1@uw.edu

Graduate and Postdoctoral Opportunities

Opportunities are available for time periods of at least one year for Postdoctoral Fellows, Graduate, and Undergraduate students. Potential candidates with backgrounds in BioEngineering, Radiology, Electrical Engineering, and Physics are encouraged to apply. The Vascular Imaging Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary lab and applicants should feel free to apply if they have a background related to our research from another field (Histology, Fluid Dynamics, etc). Our areas of research include clinical vascular studies, the development of new imaging sequences and quantitative techniques for image analysis, and specialized analysis and interpretation procedures.

Recently there have been major developments in the use of AI and machine learning in our labs to help analyze the images post processing and we are especially interested in candidates with a background in these areas. If you would like to apply, please email Dr. Chun Yuan (cyuan@uw.edu) with your CV and a brief description of your background and research interests.