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Clinical Trial Services
The Vascular Imaging Lab provides core laboratory services for a variety of MR imaging-based single- and multi-center clinical trials in populations with atherosclerosis and for pharmacological development. Services include image and data randomization and management, quality assurance, image quality checks, and full image review by trained radiologists using customized FDA compliant software.  Please see the Reading Center page for additional information.  Contact the VIL Imaging Core Lab for more information on clinical trial services at vil@u.washington.edu.

Training for MRI of Carotid Atherosclerosis
The Vascular Imaging Lab’s’ years of experience and expertise in carotid MR image review allow us to conduct training in carotid MR image acquisition, and reviewer training sessions for carotid atherosclerosis image review and interpretation. Contact VIL (vil@u.washington.edu) for more information about upcoming training sessions or to arrange a custom training workshop.

Other Services
Consulting and other services can be performed upon request.