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Summer 2022 Endowment Newsletter

Congratulations 2022 Graduates!

Congratulations to our Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Four-Year Pathway Graduates! There were graduation events and awards to recognize our graduates’ outstanding achievements. Warm wishes for success on your new endeavors!

See Graduation Awards on Pages 2-3

UW Rad Residents get involved in Community Service

On April 16, 2022, the UW Radiology Residents participated in an Earth Day 5K run. The entrance fees were donated to Seattle-based community service programs and a tree was planted for every participant. Each participant also took a sapling home to plant on their own. Thanks to Drs. Blaine Menon and Alekhya Yechoor who coordinated this event as Community Service Co-Chairs last year.

Lunch and Learn Event – Always a Great Opportunity to connect with UW Radiology Alumni!

The Fifth Annual “Lunch and Learn” event, featuring presentations by residents and faculty who have participated in research and/or educational endeavors this past year, supported by the Rohrmann Endowment was a great success! Over 50 participants joined us virtually, sparking great conversations as well as learning about the unique experiences of residents who presented at national meetings last year.

UW Radiology Resident Alumnus visits as Invited Speaker for Residents

Dr. Justin Smith, a UW Radiology (Class of 1989) and Nuclear Medicine alumnus, shared his expertise on radiology artificial intelligence (AI) and entrepreneurship with trainees as the last invited speaker of the academic year. After training at UW, Dr. Smith joined a private practice in Seattle where he co-founded Confirma™, which was instrumental in developing CADstream©. CADstream© is computer-aided detection (CAD) software used by breast imaging practices worldwide to assist with interpreting breast MRIs. Trainees were incredibly fortunate to hear from a pioneer in the AI movement in radiology.

Endowment Supports Trainees’ Research Presentations

“I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for the support I received to attend the Society of Breast Imaging-American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Symposium in Savannah, Georgia. In addition to the opportunity to share my research on a national stage, I enjoyed meeting breast radiologists from around the country and spending a few days immersed in important breast imaging topics.”– Marissa Lawson, MD, Acting Instructor, UW Radiology Breast Imaging

For more updates, read the full Summer 2022 Endowment Newsletter here.





Spring 2022 Endowment Newsletter

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Please plan to join us for the Fifth Annual “Lunch and Learn” event, featuring presentations by residents and faculty who have participated in research and/or educational endeavors this past year, supported by the Rohrmann Endowment. You will want to hear about these exciting experiences, and much more!

When: Thursday, May 12, 2022, from 12:00-1:00 p.m. Pacific
All VIRTUAL via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 972 3624 9416 Passcode: 576644

Residents Present at National Meeting Supported by The Rohrmann Endowment


Dr. Hoiwan Cheung and Dr. Janis Yee at STR Conference

“Thanks to funding from the Rohrmann Endowment, I attended the Society of Thoracic Radiology (STR) Annual Conference, which took place this past March. My educational exhibit on Complications of Percutaneous Structural Heart Interventions, which I co-authored with Dr. Jonathan Revels, Dr. Sarah Bastawrous, Dr. Sherry Wang and Dr. Shiamaa Fadl, received a Certificate of Merit award. I enjoyed meeting and connecting with residents across the country, and it was wonderful to attend a conference again in person.

I plan to incorporate the skills I learned from the Resident Bootcamp and the advice from the non-interpretative sessions in mentorship and leadership in my practice moving forward. Thank you again to the Rohrmann Endowment and UW Radiology for their continuous support of resident education and research.” – Janis Yee, M.D., PGY-5 Diagnostic Radiology Resident


Dr. Hoiwan Cheung with Dr. Sudakhar Pipavath, UW Professor of Radiology and his wife, Naga Mude

“With the help of the Rohrmann Endowment, I was able to travel to Las Vegas to attend the Society of Thoracic Radiology (STR) conference. I presented an electronic educational exhibit of my work with Dr. Jonathan Revels, Dr. Sarah Bastawrous, and Dr. Shaimaa Fadl on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM): From the Expected Phenotypes to Less Known Variants, which received a Cum Laude award. The Resident Bootcamp session and workshops were incredibly enriching and educational. It was also wonderful to connect with UW faculty at the conference as well as domestic and international residents from other institutions. Thank you once again to the Rohrmann Endowment and UW Radiology for your generous support of our educational and scientific pursuits!”  – Hoiwan Cheung, MD, PGY-5 Diagnostic Radiology Resident

Rohrmann Endowment Funds ACR Radiology Leadership Courses for Residents

PGY-5 residents Tom Eggert, Shamus Moran, and Janis Yee recently participated in the ACR Radiology Leadership Institute’s (RLI) Milestone course, with their registration funded by the Rohrmann Endowment. The course extended from September to March and includes five blocks, all of which provide educational materials including an informative lecture, reading materials, and a coordinated activity that guides the residents through a hands-on task with accumulation of information and ideas, summarized in a short PowerPoint presentation and shared with the other groups through webinars. This allows our residents to learn about different practices and economic forces across our country. In addition to the RLI Milestones course, 12 Radiology residents participated in the ACR Leadership Essentials program.

“The ACR Leadership Essentials Program was an invaluable experience for me as a beginning radiologist. I was able to learn about a wide variety of topics that have laid the foundation for my career. I hope to build upon the skills I acquired through the program as I continue through residency. Learning from leaders across the country has given me insight into not only the current issues facing radiology, but also in healthcare and medicine in general. I am positive that my experience through this program will greatly enhance the relationships I have with my co-workers, attendings and patients.” – Andy Chang Guo, MD, PGY-2

“I am very grateful for the Rohrmann Endowment giving me the opportunity to participate in the ACR Leadership Essentials Program. I was exposed to and learned a diverse array of topics within the non-clinical side of radiology that I had not experienced during my residency training. The knowledge that I acquired will most definitely play a vital role in my future career and overall make me a more well-rounded radiologist. Thank you all for those generous donors that support us residents to continue to improve ourselves!” – Andrew Kim, MD, PGY-5

These programs serve to enrich the experience of UW Radiology residents, providing much-needed leadership training and incorporating non-interpretive skills – laying the groundwork for successful careers for our trainees.

UW Radiology Residents First-Author Article featured on March 2022 RadioGraphics cover!

UW residents Lisa Johnson and Shamus Moran, with mentorship from past and present UW faculty including Drs. Puneet Bhargava, Jonathan Revels, Mariam Moshiri, Charles Rohrmann, and Bahar Mansoori, recently published Fluoroscopic Evaluation of Duodenal Diseases in RadioGraphics. Not only was their article published in RadioGraphics, but imaging from their manuscript was featured on the front cover of the March-April 2022 print edition.

Corresponding author Dr. Mansoori (pictured left) had a unique opportunity to tour the RadioGraphics office in March and meet with the editor, Dr. Cooky Menias, during the Society of
Abdominal Radiology’s annual meeting in Scottsdale. Lisa and Shamus are grateful to have worked alongside such a fantastic team of mentors, with special acknowledgement of Dr. Mansoori for her enduring support and dedication to this project.

The journey from an RSNA educational exhibit to a RadioGraphics publication has been an invaluable learning experience.
– Shamus Moran, MD, PGY-5 and Lisa Johnson, MD, PGY-5



Fall 2021 Rohrmann Endowment NewsletterDonate Now

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is at the forefront of many discussions. The UW Radiology residency program, in partnership with the Department of Radiology faculty and staff,  has embraced EDI with the addition of Healthcare Disparities into the curriculum. The Departmental subcommittee dedicated to building a pipeline of trainees from underrepresented students in the surrounding community has embarked upon curriculum development to attract young students to the medical field by providing a rich experience that includes hands-on technology exposure, opportunities to discuss career paths with mentors, and the ability to explore potential career paths they may not have thought possible.


The Rohrmann Endowment continues to fund resident research and educational experiences, including the 2021-22 ACR Radiology Leadership Institute Resident Milestones Program, and the ACR Leadership Essentials Program. This year, the Endowment is supporting four residents in the Milestones program and 12 residents in the Leadership Essentials Program!


First-author resident presentations at national meetings

Residents receive funding from the Rohrmann Endowment if they are first authors on a paper, poster, or abstract that is presented at a national meeting or conference. The Society for Advanced Body Imaging (SABI) 2021 Annual Meeting was an opportunity for Matthew Stoltzberg, MD, PGY-4, to present his virtual poster, “Prognostic value of heterogeneity in tumor iodine concentration from dual-energy CT in patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors.”


Celebrating UW Radiology alumni, with quarterly Spotlights such as this Fall’s story catching up with Dr. Sherwin Chan, 2013 resident grad will become a regular feature in upcoming issues of the Rohrmann Endowment Newsletter. (See pages 4-6, and Sherwin’s Advice and “Fun Facts” on page 8.

Be sure to stay in touch as we feature more alumni, and let us know if you are interested in submitting information about what you have been involved in since graduating from the UW Radiology residency program. We are always delighted to find out about your careers, research, teaching, and your families!

Katy and Sherwin Chan

Katy and Sherwin Chan, with daughters Simone & Naomi

Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program Annual Review                    

The UW Radiology residency program reported on the 2021-22 Annual Review – revealing many interesting demographics. Thanks to a survey, we were delighted that many of our resident grads would definitely recommend UW’s program to others considering residency here.

  • Over half (56%) of our recent graduates are engaged in leadership and committee appointments
  • Over a third (39%) are involved in teaching and education
  • 33% are engaged in clinical research

Our goal is to keep in touch with as many resident grads as we can, continuing to foster collegial relationships and celebrating their achievements in academia as well as their private practice experiences.

Keep up to date with us on social media!               


Summer 2021 Rohrmann Endowment Newsletter

In this edition, we celebrate our 2021 UW Radiology Resident graduates and award recipients. Virtual graduation ceremonies honored our graduates, many of whom are continuing on at UW Radiology for their fellowships. You will want to read the Summer edition from start to finish – full of celebrations and gratitude. 


Rohrmann Endowment and Rohrmann Endowed Resident Education Funds Reach $1 Million Goal!

Thanks to the generosity of UW Radiology faculty, alumni, and friends – all of you! The Charles A. Rohrmann, Jr., M.D., Endowment for Radiology Resident Educational Excellence, combined with the Rohrmann Endowment Education Funds,* has reached and exceeded the goal of $1,000,000 – and today stands at $1,007,123!

  • Be sure to read all about the progression of the Endowment funds over the past decade, culminating in achievement of this awesome goal! We could not have done this without the support of Endowment donors – YOU!
  • Your generous gifts will continue to support impactful residents’ activities in 2021 and for many years to come – Supporting this Endowment will ensure that our residents will have access to the leading-edge new educational technology, research support, and professional development opportunities that will prepare them for a strong future in Radiology.


UW Radiology Residency Graduates – 2021

Mahogany Ambrose, MD: Breast Imaging Clinical Fellow; Breast Imaging Division in the Department of Diagnostic Imaging at Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida
Patricia Ojeda, MD: Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellowship, Clinical Instructor/Fellow, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Graduates continuing at UW for Fellowships!

  • Segen Aklilu, MD: Breast Imaging
  • Larry Cai, MD: Abdominal Imaging
  • Michael Flowers, MD: Emergency Radiology
  • Marissa Lawson, MD: Breast Imaging
  • Mariam Shehata, MD: Breast Imaging
  • Adam Skibinski, MD, PhD: Neuroradiology
  • Zi Jun (John) Wu, MD: Molecular and Oncological Imaging
  • Jennifer Xiao, MD: Breast Imaging

These graduates are continuing on to the final year of their Integrated Interventional Radiology Residency:

  • Ethan Hua, MD, MS; Arthie Jeyakumar, MD; and Maria Quezada, MD, MA

We congratulate our two graduating IR Residents:

  • Aaron Daub, MD, PhD (IR Integrated) who will be doing 100% IR practice at Sutter Memorial Hospital in Modesto, CA (affiliated with The Gould Medical Foundation).
  • Frederic Bertino, MD (IR Independent) who is returning to Emory to complete a Pediatric IR Fellowship.

Congratulations to the Nuclear Medicine Residency Graduates and Award Recipients!

  • Laith Abandeh, MD – PET/CT Fellowship, UW
  • Noha Aboueldahab, MBBCH – PET/CT Fellowship, UW
  • Heba Fouad, MD – Emergency Trauma Fellowship, UW
  • Kevin Horn, PhD, MD – PET/CT Acting Instructor 11/1/2020 – 10/31/2021
  • Maham Jehangir, MD – Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship, UW

4th Annual Lunch and Learn Event

The 4th Annual Lunch and Learn event, while still virtual, was a great success! With 30 participants attending including many UW Radiology alumni, faculty, residency program directors, and residents, this event was informative and entertaining. If you missed it, be sure to watch the recorded event and especially Dr. Lerner’s and Dr. Weaver’s video demonstration using a cervical spine phantom filled with ballistics gel to teach imaging-guided procedures – a project funded by the Rohrmann Endowment!

                                                                                                                               David Lerner, MD Ready for fluoro!JJ Weaver, MD Image-guided fluoro on phantom

Rohrmann Endowment funds Resident educational activities

Spencer Lewis, MD, PGY4, was selected as one of 35 participants in the 2021 AUR Academic Radiology Resident Academic Leadership Development Program. His conference registration fees were funded the Rohrmann Endowment. Spencer thanked the Endowment donors and wrote about his experience – read his story on page 6 of the Summer 2021 newsletter.

Additionally, UW Radiology residents recently received funding support from the Endowment to participate in Board Review courses.

  • Don’t miss reading the gratitude posts by residents John Wu, Anna Shure, Aaron Abajian, and Janis Yee on page 7 of the Summer 2021 newsletter!


Spring 2021 Rohrmann Endowment NewsletterDonate Now

Research Projects and Faculty Mentorship go hand-in-hand:

UW Radiology residents engage in research projects with the guidance of faculty mentors. Shamus Moran, MD, PGY-4 is the incoming Chief Research Resident for 2021-22 and he recently shared some of his recent research projects, featured in the Spring 2021 Newsletter. He and his co-residents Lisa Johnson, MD, PGY-4, and Anna Shure, MD, PGY-4, received mentoring guidance from Puneet Bhargava, MD, FSAR, Professor and Director of Gastrointestinal Radiology, and Bahar Mansoori, MD, Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging, in preparation for submitting their manuscript for publication (their RSNA 2020 exhibit was Identified for RadioGraphics).

RSNA Exhibit “Identified for RadioGraphics”

Jennifer Xiao, MD, PGY-5, (Co-Chief Resident 2020-21) received the honor of her first-author publication as the front page article in Radiology! She and her co-author resident Larry Cai, MD, PGY-5, are pictured here with mentors Achille Mileto, MD, Assistant Professor and Director of Computed Tomography, and Giuseppe Toia, MD, Abdominal Imaging Fellow, Resident Class of 2020, when they attended the SCBT-MR annual meeting in 2018.

Funds from the Rohrmann Endowment support residents who present (even virtually!) at national radiology meetings in 2021:

Although many meetings continue to be virtual, that does not stop the UW Radiology residents from submitting their excellent work. Two upcoming presentations that received support from the Rohrmann Endowment are featured here.

Andrew Woerner, MD, PGY-3 IR Resident

Andrew’s Educational Exhibit will be presented at the ARRS Virtual Annual Meeting in April 2021

Marissa Lawson, MD, PGY-5, will be presenting a scientific paper at the AUR 69th Annual Meeting in May: “Multi-level Factors leading to Delays in Time to Tissue Diagnosis after Abnormal Screening Mammography.” Congratulations to Marissa!

Spotlighting UW Radiology Resident alums brings a familiar face to many, with insights and “fun facts.” In this edition, featured is Dr. Habib Rahbar, Associate Professor and Clinical Director of Breast Imaging at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Dr. Rahbar was a UW Radiology resident class of 2010, followed by a fellowship in breast imaging at UW Radiology. He has been on faculty since 2011.


Spring is a time of changes – and the UW Radiology residency will soon be welcoming in a fresh class of residents: Match Day 2021 is March 19, 2021. Featured below are the incoming Chief Residents for 2021-22

A resource that continues to be of great value to trainees is the online interactive atlas of human anatomy published by IMAIOS, e-Anatomy. This great tool has been supported by funds from the Rohrmann Endowment for the past two years. You can read the Thank You letter from the Radiation Oncology Residency on page 8 of the Newsletter.


Rohrmann Endowment 2020 Year End Newsletter

RSNA 2020 UW Radiology Resident Presentations

Michael Flowers, MD Trauma Center Overreads of Transferred Patients’ CT and MRI Exams: Lessons Learned from Discordances Between Community and Subspecialist Emergency Radiologists Scientific digital poster
Mariam Shehata, MD Use of MRI to Triage Management of In Situ Lobular Neoplasia on Breast Core Needle Biopsy: A Modeling Analysis Scientific digital poster

Ali Abadi MD; Co-resident authors: Larry Cai MD, Hoiwan Cheung MD, Cody Rissman MD

Lesion of the phalanges and metacarpals of the hand Educational digital exhibit
Ali Abadi MD; Co-resident authors: Larry Cai MD, Hoiwan Cheung MD

**Certificate of Merit Award**

Fibroblastic and Myofibroblastic Soft Tissue Tumors: Imaging Spectrum and Radiology Pathology Correlation

Educational digital exhibit
Ali Abadi MD; Co-resident authors: Hoiwan Cheung MD, Cody Rissman MD Picking a bone with the surgeons: A comprehensive review of common osteotomies, technique, and clinical implications Educational digital exhibit
Ali Abadi, MD Musculoskeletal imaging manifestations of beta-thalassemia Educational digital exhibit
Hoiwan Cheung MD; Co-resident authors: Ali Abadi MD, Cody Rissman MD, Alekhya Yechoor MD

**Certificate of Merit Award**

Multimodality imaging manifestations of intra-articular tumors and tumor-like lesions.

Educational digital exhibit
Hoiwan Cheung MD; Co-resident authors: Ali Abadi MD, Lisa Johnson MD, Cody Rissman MD, Alekhya Techoor MD, John Wu MD

**Certificate of Merit Award**

**Identified for RadioGraphics Award**

Osseous lesions: How much does F18 FDG PET/CT add to diagnosis and management?

Educational digital exhibit
Hoiwan Cheung MD; Co-resident authors: Ali Abadi MD, Cody Rissman MD Calcaneal lesions and pseudo-lesions: Multimodality imaging diagnosis. Educational digital exhibit
Hoiwan Cheung, MD MSK Case of the Day: Dracunculiasis. Educational digital exhibit
Richa Patel MD; Co-resident authors: Shamus Moran MD, Lisa Johnson MD

**Cum Laude Award**

Tales from the Dark Side of MR: T2 Hypointense Lesions in the Abdomen, What Do They Mean?

Educational digital exhibit
Lisa Johnson MD; Co-resident authors: Anna Shure MD, Shamus Moran MD The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the C-Loop: Imaging Spectrum of the Duodenum on Fluoroscopy. Educational digital exhibit
Janis Yee MD Personal Finance for the Early to Mid-Career Radiologist: Practical Tools to Reduce Burnout Educational exhibit
Shamus Moran, MD; Co-resident authors: Kiet Vo, MD, Matthew Stolzberg, MD Pure Barium: An Exercise in Stomach Fluoroscopy Educational digital poster
Matthew Stolzberg MD; Co-resident authors: Richa Patel MD, Kiet Vo MD

**Certificate of Merit Award**

Go Big or Go Home: Current Concepts of Fluoroscopic Imaging of Large Bowel

Educational digital poster
Jennifer Xiao MD Accuracy of Breast MRI to Problem Solve Suspicious Mammography Calcifications: Results from a Single-Institution Prospective Trial Oral Scientific Presentation
Shamus Moran MD; Co-authored with Jonathan Revels DO, et al

**Certificate of Merit Award**

**Identified for RadioGraphics Award**

The Upper Gastrointestinal Fluoroscopic Exam: A Traditional Art Enduring Into the 21st Century

Educational digital exhibit


The Fall 2020 Newsletter is here!  

Shout-out to UW Radiology Donors –

In early April, we challenged all to join in honoring Dr. Charles Rohrmann in recognition of his 45+ years of service at UW Radiology. We envisioned early and regular supporters who have always responded generously to share in this special recognition challenge. Collectively, you exceeded our aspirations. Of the more than 150 alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who responded with donations, many were first-time donors. Countless other supporters contributed with their time and energy, conveying heartfelt memories of working with Dr. Rohrmann. This was a testament that every gift has significance. As a collective, raising more than $966,000 over ten years is truly inspiring.

While reaching close to the $1 million goal has allowed us to significantly increase our impact, there is still much more to be done as new initiatives surrounding Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (see more below) have brought to light more opportunities to engage with medical students and develop programs to attract underrepresented students to the field of Radiology. We encourage each of you to continue deepening your partnership with the Endowment and other funding outreach opportunities to continue the mission towards Radiology Resident Educational Excellence.



Residents find creative ways to connect, interact, and continue the important work of UW Radiology –

With the need to continue social distancing and other precautions due to the COVID-19 virus, Radiology residents have found creative ways to stay in touch and on task!


DR Radiology Residency:

  • Women in Radiology Book Club on July 23, 2020
  • Diagnostic Radiology Residency Virtual Open House September 22, 2020
  • Women in Radiology Evening Discussion with Dr. Ruth Carlos, current JACR Editor-in-Chief September 24, 2020
  • Staying social while distancing – Virtual Trivia!
  • Monthly resident-run journal clubs, promoted by Resident Research Chief John Wu
  • Active Radiology Resident website and social media (Twitter and Instagram)

UW Interventional Radiology Residency:

  • Social media: Twitter and Instagram accounts — @UofWa_IR
  • Virtual “Meet and Greets” with over 60 medical students attending
  • Virtual Research presentations at the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiologic Society of Europe (Drs. Grace Laidlaw, JJ Weaver, Andrew Woerner, and Tyler Jackson)

An Interview with Radiology Alumnus Dr. Jeffrey Kanne

Jeffrey Kanne, MD, UW Radiology Chief Resident, 2004, currently serves on the Rohrmann Endowment Advisory Committee.

Read this interview in the Fall 2020 Newsletter (pp. 4-5), where Dr. Kanne provides his advice and insights to today’s residents.

“My earliest mentors were Drs. David Godwin, Julie Takasugi, Eric Stern, Joel Lichtenstein, Eric Effmann, and Chuck Rohrmann. They encouraged and challenged me to grow professionally during my residency training. They taught me how to write better manuscripts. They modeled for me how to interact with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals.”


Dr. Kanne is Professor of Thoracic Imaging and Vice Chair of Quality, Department of Radiology at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Nuclear Medicine Resident’s Research Case Report pub funded by McGoodwin Endowment

The Michael and Rebecca McGoodwin Endowment for Radiology Resident and Fellow Training and Education fund was started by Dr. Michael McGoodwin (read more here).

Publication of a first-author research project by Lisa Johnson, MD, PGY-4, in Radiology Case Reports was a worthy recipient of funds from the McGoodwin Endowment. You can read about her experience on page 6 of the Fall 2020 Newsletter.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: UW Radiology Chief Resident for Diversity

Conversations have sparked and committees have been formed to help address Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) with the goal of achieving the four aims presented by our underrepresented trainees:

  • Increase Awareness about the challenges that underrepresented minority (URM) trainees face daily both at work and outside of work. Understanding how inequality influences the URM experience.
  • Change Perceptions by actively challenging the perception that “different” means “deficient.” Understanding that equity should be the goal, not simply equality.
  • Active Engagement by conscientious efforts to remain aware of and actively address issues that URM trainees may be facing.
  • Increase Retention through a concerted effort to retain URM trainees as faculty, as well as recruit URM faculty.

– Segen Aklilu, MD, PGY-5, UW Radiology Chief Resident for Diversity (Read about this new initiative on page 7 of the Fall 2020 Newsletter.


Fifth Annual Doug Green Memorial Hike – Wallace Falls

Doug Green was an enthusiastic educator and an avid outdoorsman, hiking throughout the Pacific Northwest and spending the winter months in his beloved Utah skiing rugged backcountry slopes. Each year, Doug’s love of nature has inspired UW Radiology residents and faculty to get outdoors and hike in his memory. This year, it was a trip to Wallace Falls, a lovely hike nestled in a Central Cascades river valley.



The Summer 2020 Newsletter is here: Celebrating Residents’ Achievements!

Be sure to read this Newsletter – 2020 Radiology Residents graduated in a unique fashion this year, with many noteworthy awards and experiences to share with family members joining in from afar thanks to technology. You will also see the special gift Dr. Rohrmann presented to Dr. Templeton’s grandson earlier this year during his visit to UW Radiology’s Templeton Library. Read on to discover how residents have benefited from the generosity of donors who support the Endowment. And finally, great photos of the virtual send-off for Dr. Charles Rohrmann.

*Virtual* Rohrmann Retirement Celebration!

After more than 45 years of service at UW, our trusted friend and esteemed colleague Dr. Charles Rohrmann has retired from UW Radiology.

The “Virtual” celebration in honor of Dr. Charles Rohrmann was a smashing success on July 8th, with about 130 attendees joining in!

The celebration was recorded and can be accessed by clicking HERE.


*Virtual* Third Annual Lunch & Learn Event

We had a very successful Virtual Lunch & Learn Event on May 21st, with great presentations from three Radiology Residents – Jason Hartman, Tolu Ashimolowo, and Keegan Hovis. Many thanks to all of the UW Radiology Alumni participants! If you missed out, here’s a video recording for your enjoyment.

Virtual Third Annual Lunch & Learn Event

Chuck Rohrmann is retiring from UW Medicine!

After more than 45 years of service at UW (he first arrived in 1966 as a medical student), our trusted friend and esteemed colleague Dr. Charles Rohrmann is retiring from UW Medicine Radiology on July 1, 2020. (**A special celebration is planned for July 8th! More to come on this later**)

As a final and good-bye present to Chuck, let’s put the Rohrmann Endowment for UW Radiology Resident Educational Excellence over the top of its goal of $1 million. Currently the endowment is at $883,960 – we are very close. We invite you to join us in contributing to the Endowment to honor Chuck’s 45 years of service!

Please Donate today in honor of Chuck – be one of the first to honor his legacy!
Please indicate you are donating in honor of Chuck Rohrmann’s retirement


•  MyUWGiving (Search: Rohrmann) – Be sure to insert a note indicating “In Honor of the Retirement of Dr. Charles Rohrmann
•  Set up a payroll deduction pledge (for faculty and staff), by visiting our employee giving page, choose “New Payroll Deduction” and search for “Rohrmann”

Residents at SAR 2020

“I sincerely appreciate the Rohrmann Endowment for allowing me to take part in this conference and for an enriching experience I won’t soon forget.” – Janis Yee, MD, Radiology Resident, PGY-3

“We sincerely appreciate all the generous donors to the Rohrmann Endowment.” – Larry Cai, MD, Radiology Resident, PGY-4

“Thank you to the Rohrmann Endowment for this wonderful experience.” – Hoiwan Cheung, Radiology Resident, PGY-3

[See more on page 2 of the Spring 2020 Newsletter]

Janis Yee was the recipient of “Poster Merit Award Winner, Electronic Poster”

Larry Cai received the “Best Genitourinary Scientific Presentation” Award for his oral presentation regarding “Vendor-Independent Dual-Energy CT Iodine Quantification”

Hoiwan Cheung presented an electronic poster: Cheung H, Grivos P, O’Malley R. “Taming the Immune System: Recognizing Radiologic Sequelae of Immune-Related Adverse Events (IRAE)”

Cardiac CT Hands-On Session with Cardiology, funded by the Rohrmann Endowment

“During the entire course, there were both cardiologists and radiologists to help navigate the cases. Shout out to Dr. Cham — thank you! Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn about the fundamentals of cardiac CT imaging and real-life application through a case-based approach. Thank you to the Rohrmann Endowment Fund for helping to make this course happen!” – “Anne” Yun An Chen, MD, PGY-2

[Read about this special course on page 3 of the Spring 2020 Newsletter]

Global Health Rotation to India

“I am incredibly grateful to the UW Rohrmann Endowment and its donors for making this invaluable experience possible.” – Keegan Hovis, MD, PGY-5y

[Read Keegan’s full experience on pp 4-7 of the Spring 2020 Newsletter]

Seattle-King County Clinic 2020 Volunteers

“Thanks to the generosity of the Rohrmann Endowment, I was able to volunteer in the radiology section for the second year in a row at the Seattle-King County Clinic (SKCC).” –Shamus Moran, MD, Radiology Resident, PGY-3

“I was honored to be part of the team and wish to thank the Rohrmann Endowment for its support. I hope to keep volunteering with the clinic for many years to come!” –Jason Hartman, MD, Radiology Resident, PGY-5


Gifts to the Rohrmann Endowment support UW Radiology’s Templeton Library

The Templeton Radiology Library was able to add a valuable electronic resource tool thanks to the generous support of donors to the Rohrmann Endowment: e-Anatomy, an online resource tool which is an interactive atlas of human anatomy.

Read the full story about this new resource on page 1 of the Winter 2020 Newsletter.

Support for UW Radiology Residents at National Meetings

Arthie Jeyakumar, MD, R4 Resident, attended the “Introduction to Academic Radiology” course at the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) meeting in Honolulu last May, and the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in December. At RSNA, she presented an educational exhibit, “Classification of Vascular Anomalies: What’s New?” under the guidance of mentor Dr. Eric Monroe.

Arthie expressed her thanks to donors of the Rohrmann Endowment and felt that both conferences were complementary and strengthened her interest in Academic Radiology.

Jason Hartman, MD, R5 Resident (Chief Research Resident, 2019-2020) was also able to attend RSNA, 2019 thanks to all of those who have generously donated to the Endowment. He stated, “While in Chicago I was able to attend dozens of excellent educational talks, learn about the latest scientific developments, hear international experts debate how we should practice at various ‘controversy sessions,’ and see great talks from many of our own excellent UW attendings!” He is pictured below with his fellow residents, Arthie Jeyakumar and Grace Laidlaw.

Wellness Lecture by Dr. Leonard Su

The Rohrmann Endowment supported this important lecture on wellness for UW Radiology Residents on September 26, 2019!

Dr. Leonard Su spoke with UW Radiology residents and fellows about Mental Health, Suicide and the Medical Community: Talking The Talk: Mental Health, Suicide, And The Medical Community. His well-received lecture was followed by Julia Kocian, UW GME Wellness Counselor, who spoke about GME resources for wellness. Dr. Su speaks at various institutions about Mental Illness and its many ramifications in the world of medicine and the world in general. Mixing his own personal journey with passionate insights into the world’s attitudes towards Mental Health, he hopes to change attitudes towards Mental Illness and Mental Health.

Green Lake Walking/Running Club

Under the inspiration of Christine Rehwald, MD, Assistant Professor MSK Radiology (Resident, Class of 2018), the Green Lake walking/running club has been meeting up the first Saturday of every month. If you are interested in joining them, they meet at 9am at the boathouse area (the northeast side of the lake).

Fourth Annual Doug Green Memorial Hike

Each year since 2016, the UW Radiology residents, faculty, and staff have participated in a hike to remember Doug Green. Dr. Douglas Green was a former faculty member in the Body Imaging section, who tragically passed away in a skiing accident in 2016. The Fourth Annual Doug Green Memorial Hike on October 26th was a great success, with a strong turn out to hike the Ira Spring Trail to Mason Lake in Snoqualmie Pass!

We are embarking upon the 10-year anniversary marking initiation of the spark that ignited the Rohrmann Endowment for UW Radiology Resident Educational Excellence! The first three years brought in funding from resident alumni, faculty, and friends of the department to establish this fund. The visionaries behind this initiative were Dr. William P. Shuman and Dr. Mary Kelly.

Many donors honored Dr. William P. Shuman upon the celebration of his recent retirement from UW Radiology. You can join them, by sending in your gift today – a fitting tribute as we start out 2020!

You can either send your check with a notation “in honor of Dr. William P. Shuman” or indicate this with your online donation:

UW Medicine Advancement, Box 358045, Seattle WA 98195-8045

Donate Now


If you would like to MAIL IN a donation, download this form: 2019 Gift-Pledge Form – Rohrmann Endowment

Send to: UW Medicine Advancement
Box 358045, Seattle, WA 98195-8045

The Charles A. Rohrmann, Jr., M.D., Endowment for Radiology Resident Educational Excellence was created in 2010 to support the future of resident education in the Department of Radiology at UW Medicine.

As the Fund nears its 10-year anniversary in 2020, it is approximately 80% towards the $1 million goal!

With your strong support and investments in this endeavor, the Fund has and will benefit resident research, education, and outreach in ways that would not have been otherwise possible.

There is no other source to fund these strong enhancements to the Resident educational experience. Your donation will create a legacy and underscore your commitment to the enrichment of the University of Washington Radiology Residency program.

Endowment Fund Growth –

November 2014 to November 2019

Your 10-year anniversary donation to the Endowment will fund these strong enhancements to the resident educational experience:

  • Funding valuable educational resources, infrastructure, opportunities, and provide meaningful awards to high-achieving residents for experiences that enhance their core training.

Together with colleagues, you will create a legacy and underscore your commitment to the enrichment of the University of Washington Radiology Residency program.


Congratulations Radiology Graduates!

Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program Directors and Chief Residents 2018-19:
L to R: Diana Lam, Associate Director; Mazen Zawaideh; Chief Resident;
Jonathan Swanson, Associate Director; Thomas Anderson, Chief Resident; Angelisa Paladin, Director; Jing Luo, Chief Resident

UW Radiology Diagnostic Radiology Residents and Nuclear Medicine Residents and Fellows graduated on June 8, 2019, with hearty congratulations from their program directors and UW Radiology Chairman, Dushyant Sahani, MD.

UW Radiology Residents Serve in the Community

Despite Snowmageddon Seattle on February 9th, members of our radiology program embarked on the snowy trip to South Seattle to serve the people most affected by the challenging weather conditions, our homeless community! We worked together with members of the Seattle Union Gospel Mission at the Hope Place Shelter for Women and Children by preparing lunch for those hoping to escape the cold winter weather and have a warm meal. This is the second year our program has participated at this shelter and we hope to continue this tradition for many years to come.

The Seattle Union Gospel Mission has a long history of helping at-risk youth, refugees and the homeless in the Seattle area by providing housing, food, recovery programs and much more. Individuals or groups interested in volunteering at this shelter, or the men’s shelter located in Pioneer Square, should sign up on the Seattle Union Gospel Mission website.

2019 Student National Medical Association Conference (SNMA)

The mission of SNMA is focused on supporting underrepresented medical students, increasing awareness of cultural competency and its importance in clinical care and addressing the needs of underserved communities.

At the 2019 SNMA Conference, there were over 1000 attendees and over 100 residency programs and organizations represented at the professional exhibit hall including the American College of Radiology. Programs represented include Diagnostic Radiology, Anesthesiology, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Surgery and Internal Medicine.