UW Radiology

Women in Radiology

Our Mission

As part of the department of radiology’s commitment to an inclusive and equitable environment for all, the UW Women in Radiology group promotes an enriching community of support, solidarity and mentoring to female residents, fellows, faculty and staff. We actively work toward a departmental culture supportive of the personal and professional growth of women radiologists.

Goals and Vision

Providing an inclusive space to share and learn from experiences as well as expand networks, is just one of the many goals of this group. We aim to foster and maintain encouragement and camaraderie through a supportive environment for women in the department, and to help narrow the gender gap that exists in radiology across the U.S.

Events are held throughout the year including a mentoring panel event co-hosted with the Washington State Radiological Society, invited speakers, happy hour gatherings after work, and book clubs. Our group is open to residents, fellows, and faculty members. Any interested undergraduate and medical students are also welcome. We also strive to support diversity in our field, including underrepresented minorities in radiology.

Past Events

  • September 2022: Women in Radiology Meet and Greet


Women in Focus Spotlight

Elizabeth Horneber, M.D., Diagnostic Radiology Resident

Elizabeth Horneber at Zion National ParkWhat are you inspired by?

It's a classic answer, but I'm inspired by my mom.  She has always been hardworking, considerate, and an endless source of encouragement. She's my role model for lifelong learning.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy most things outdoors - hiking, biking, running, camping, eating, and traveling!  Last year, I had a chance to visit a few national parks, including the beautiful Mt. Zion. That's where I am in this photo (left).

What do you like most about radiology?

I like the mental challenge, each case is like solving a puzzle.  I also like variety within the subject, and as a trainee, I have the opportunity to dive into new subjects each month.