Radiology Personnel

Kathryn Lowry, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Breast Imaging


Dr. Lowry is a physician at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and an assistant professor in the University of Washington (UW) Department of Radiology.  Her clinical practice at the SCCA includes all aspects of breast imaging, including digital mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis (“3D mammography”), breast ultrasound, breast MRI, and image-guided procedures of the breast. 

Dr. Lowry earned her bachelor’s degree from Duke University in Durham, NC, and her M.D. from Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.  She completed her diagnostic radiology residency training and fellowship in breast imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  Dr. Lowry’s research interests include the evaluation of cancer screening effectiveness and surveillance imaging outcomes for women after treatment for primary breast cancer.

Recent Publications

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