Faculty spotlight: Domenico Mastrodicasa, MD

A headshot of Dr. Domenico Mastrodicasa. In the photo, Dr. Mastrodicasa wears a dark suit coat, white button-up shirt, and red tie. He has dark hair and a broad smile.New UW Radiology Acting Instructor Domenico Mastrodicasa, M.D., has had a variety of research and articles published recently. In October 2023, Nature published a news feature titled How ChatGPT and other AI tools could disrupt scientific publishing. The article feature insights from multiple contributors, and Dr. Mastrodicasa is quoted and also cited twice.

Right before the RSNA conference, Dr. Mastrodicasa published the first edition of a Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging article titled Top 2023 Images in Cardiothoracic Imaging. He is part of the trainee editorial board of the journal, and as a Trainee Deputy Editor for “Images in Radiology,” he and his colleagues have the honor to choose and vote for the best submissions of the past year.

This was the first time they did something like this for the journal. A news article in Cardiovascular Business covered this article as well in their piece Radiologists select 2023’s top images in cardiothoracic imaging.

Dr. Mastrodicasa also recently learned that a review article he wrote last year titled Deep Learning Image Reconstruction for CT: Technical Principles and Clinical Prospects was among the top 10 most cited publications in Radiology in 2023. The full list of top ten articles is available here, the editor-in-chief wrote a brief article here, and the senior author wrote a LinkedIn post here.

On January 9th, an AHA scientific statement that he co-authored was published on Circulation. The article is titled “Value Creation Through Artificial Intelligence and Cardiovascular Imaging: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association.”

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