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Cases by History


  1. 27 year-old with decreased mental status while hiking
  2. 87 year-old with delirium after a recent fall
  3. 74 year-old with progressive dysarthria, dysphagia
  4. 59 year-old, end stage liver disease, altered mental status for 2 weeks, seizures
  5. Newborn female, dysmorphic facial features
  6. 78 year-old with increasing gait difficulty
  7. 60 year-old with lung transplants and new seizures
  8. 22 month old with microphthalmia
  9. 42 year-old with headache
  10. 37-year old woman with acute right visual loss and tingling along spine
  11. 77 year-old with recent syncopal episode
  12. 60 year-old with diabetes and renal disease presents with progressive aphasia
  13. 32 year-old with headache, fatigue, and neck pain with recent travel to India
  14. 69 year-old with progressive dysarthria, extrapyramidal signs, and ataxia
  15. 46 year-old woman with refractory seizures since age 15


Head and Neck

  1. 47 year-old with vertigo and sudden bilateral hearing loss
  2. 13 year-old with abrupt onset of left facial weakness
  3. 32 year-old with proptosis
  4. 23 year-old with left jaw pain
  5. 45 year-old with chronic bilateral hearing loss for cochlear implant assessment
  6. 34 year-old with dizzy spells and frequent headaches
  7. 85 year-old with enlarging growth on right side of nose
  8. 22 year-old with a 3 year history of fluctuating submandibular region lump



  1. 14 year-old with low back pain radiating down both legs
  2. 63 year-old with acute low back pain extending down left leg with pain and numbness
  3. 45 year-old with longstanding bowel and bladder incontinence



  1. 53 year-old with subarachnoid and iutraventricular hemorrhage
  2. 58 year-old who became acutely unresponsive wile talking on the phone


Nuclear Medicine

  1. 37 year-old with intractable epilepsy and inconclusive EEG

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