Radiology Personnel

Arta-Luana Stanescu, M.D.

Associate Professor
Pediatric Radiology

Recent Publications

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Diagnosis, histopathologic correlation and management of hepatoblastoma: What the radiologist needs to know
Baheti A., Chapman T., Rudzinski E., Albert C., Stanescu A.
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Part-time pediatric radiology: The realities and perceptions of part-time employment in the academic setting
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Surveillance magnetic resonance imaging for isolated optic pathway gliomas: is gadolinium necessary?
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Radionuclide Imaging of Infection and Inflammation in Children: a Review

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Intraoperative Doppler sonogram in pediatric liver transplants: a pictorial review of intraoperative and early postoperative complications

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Nuclear Medicine Applications in Pediatric Musculoskeletal Diseases: The Added Value of Hybrid Imaging

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The Pediatric Patella: Normal Development, Anatomical Variants and Malformations, Stability, Imaging, and Injury Patterns

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Mechanical birth-related trauma to the neonate: An imaging perspective

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Nasoduodenal tube placement: Are two views necessary to confirm position?

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Pediatric abdominal radiographs: Common and less common errors

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