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Stephen Bowen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Nuclear Medicine

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“Call for Standardization of RILD Toxicity Reporting and Multi-institutional Collaboration”
Chapman T., Bowen S., Apisarnthanarax S.
Practical Radiation Oncology. 2018 Jan

Chest wall toxicity after hypofractionated proton beam therapy for liver malignancies
Yeung R., Bowen S., Chapman T., MacLennan G., Apisarnthanarax S.
Practical Radiation Oncology. 2018 Jan

Proton beam therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma
Yeung R., Chapman T., Bowen S., Apisarnthanarax S.
Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy. 2017 Oct:911-924

Dosimetric evaluation of a commercial proton spot scanning Monte-Carlo dose algorithm: Comparisons against measurements and simulations
Saini J., Maes D., Egan A., Bowen S., St James S., Janson M., Wong T., Bloch C.
Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2017 Sep:7659-7681

Functional lung avoidance and response-adaptive escalation (FLARE) RT: Multimodality plan dosimetry of a precision radiation oncology strategy: Multimodality
Lee E., Zeng J., Miyaoka R., Saini J., Kinahan P., Sandison G., Wong T., Vesselle H., Rengan R., Bowen S.
Medical Physics. 2017 Jul:3418-3429

Framework for radiation pneumonitis risk stratification based on anatomic and perfused lung dosimetry
Dhami G., Zeng J., Vesselle H., Kinahan P., Miyaoka R., Patel S., Rengan R., Bowen S.
Strahlentherapie und Onkologie. 2017 May:410-418

The relationship between cardiac radiation dose and mediastinal lymph node involvement in stage III non-small cell lung cancer patients
McNew L., Bowen S., Gopan O., Nyflot M., Patel S., Zeng J., Rengan R.
Advances in Radiation Oncology. 2017 Apr:192-196

Theoretical effectiveness of cell survival in fractionated radiotherapy with hypoxia-targeted dose escalation
Chvetsov A., Rajendran J., Zeng J., Patel S., Bowen S., Kim E.
Medical Physics. 2017 Jan:1-8

Hybrid positron emission tomography segmentation of heterogeneous lung tumors using 3D Slicer: Improved GrowCut algorithm with threshold initialization
Thomas H., Devakumar D., Sasidharan B., Bowen S., Heck D., Samuel E.
Journal of Medical Imaging. 2017 Jan

Assessment of functional liver reserve: Old and new in 99mTc-sulfur colloid scintigraphy
Matesan M., Bowen S., Chapman T., Miyaoka R., Velez J., Wanner M., Nyflot M., Apisarnthanarax S., Vesselle H.
Nuclear Medicine Communications. 2017 Jan:577-586