Radiology Personnel

Jason Ostenson, PhD, DABR

Assistant Professor in Diagnostic Physics

Diagnostic Physics


Jason Ostenson, PhD, earned his master’s degree in medical physics from Columbia University, and his PhD in imaging science from the chemical and physical biology program at Vanderbilt University. In July 2023, he joined the UW Radiology Dept. Diagnostic Physics Section as Medical Physicist & in January of 2024 he became an Assistant Professor.

Dr. Ostenson’s research is focused on rapid quantitative magnetic resonance imaging methods and applications. He serves as a reviewer for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, and he is a member of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.


Doctoral Program in Chemical and Physical Biology – Imaging Science Track

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Thesis: Magnetic resonance fingerprinting for rapid quantitative imaging of the liver
Advisors: Dr. Bruce M. Damon and Dr. E. Brian Welch Aug. 2015-Feb. 2020

MS in Medical Physics Aug. 2006-Oct. 2007

Columbia University, New York, NY

BA in Physics and Astronomy Aug. 1998-May 2002

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Recent Publications (via Semantic Scholar)

Feasibility of joint mapping of triglyceride saturation and water longitudinal relaxation in a single breath hold applied to high fat-fraction adipose depots in the periclavicular anatomy.
J. Ostenson, R. Robison, E. Brittain, et al. - Published 2023 - MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING

Correction of errors in estimates of T1ρ at low spin‐lock amplitudes in the presence of B0 and B1 inhomogeneities
Z. Zu, F. Adelnia, K. Harkins, et al. - Published 2023 - NMR IN BIOMEDICINE

Slice‐selective extended phase graphs in gradient‐crushed, transient‐state free precession sequences: An application to MR fingerprinting
J. Ostenson, David S. Smith, M. Does, et al. - Published 2020 - MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE

MR fingerprinting with simultaneous T1, T2, and fat signal fraction estimation with integrated B0 correction reduces bias in water T1 and T2 estimates.
J. Ostenson, B. Damon, E. Welch - Published 2019 - MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING

snapMRF: GPU-Accelerated Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting Dictionary Generation and Matching using Extended Phase Graphs.
Dong Wang, J. Ostenson, David S. Smith - Published 2019 - MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING