Radiology Personnel

Nathan Cross, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Associate Medical Director of Informatics


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The voice of the radiologist: Enabling patients to speak directly to radiologists
Cross N., Wildenberg J., Liao G., Novak S., Bevilacqua T., Chen J., Siegelman E., Cook T.
Clinical Imaging. 2020 May:84-89

Correction of Motion Artifacts Using a Multiscale Fully Convolutional Neural Network
Sommer K., Saalbach A., Brosch T., Hall C., Cross N.M., Andre J.B.
AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology. 2020 Mar:416-423

Framework for Extracting Critical Findings in Radiology Reports
Mabotuwana T., Hall C.S., Cross N.
Journal of Digital Imaging. 2020 Jan

DicomAnnotator: a Configurable Open-Source Software Program for Efficient DICOM Image Annotation
Dong Q., Luo G., Haynor D., O’Reilly M., Linnau K., Yaniv Z., Jarvik J.G., Cross N.
Journal of Digital Imaging. 2020 Jan

Simulating Tissues with 3D-Printed and Castable Materials
O’Reilly M., Hoff M., Friedman S.D., Jones J.F.X., Cross N.M.
Journal of Digital Imaging. 2020 Jan

Compressed sensing-sensitivity encoding (CS-SENSe) accelerated brain imaging: Reduced scan time without reduced image quality
Vranic J., Cross N., Wang Y., Hippe D., De Weerdt E., Mossa-Basha M.
American Journal of Neuroradiology. 2019 Jan:92-98

Avoiding MRI-Related Accidents: A Practical Approach to Implementing MR Safety
Cross N., Hoff M., Kanal K.
Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2018 Dec:1738-1744

IoT in Radiology: Using Raspberry Pi to Automatically Log Telephone Calls in the Reading Room
Chen P., Cross N.
Journal of Digital Imaging. 2018 Jun:371-378

Practical CT Dose Monitoring: Current Tools and the Clinical Relevance
Cross N., Zamora D., Moirano J., Hoff M., Kanal K.
Seminars in Roentgenology. 2018 Apr:115-123

Vaginal Ewing Sarcoma: An Uncommon Clinical Entity in Pediatric Patients
Cross N., Stanescu A., Rudzinski E., Hawkins D., Parisi M.
Journal of Clinical Imaging Science. 2017 Jan