Radiology Personnel

Bermo Mohammed, M.B.B.Ch., M.D.

Nuclear Medicine


Nuclear Medicine PET/CT Senior Fellow – July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018
Nuclear Medicine Resident – July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2017

Recent Publications

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Virtual Reality to Relieve Pain in Burn Patients Undergoing Imaging and Treatment
Bermo M.S., Patterson D., Sharar S.R., Hoffman H., Lewis D.H.
Topics in magnetic resonance imaging : TMRI. 2020 Aug:203-208

A case of multiple aggressive osseous hemangiomas on bone scan
Qaseem Y., Bermo M., Matesan M., Behnia F., Verma N., Elojeimy S.
Radiology Case Reports. 2020 Mar:226-229

The Role of the Cerebellum in Pain Perception: A Brain SPECT Perfusion Study in Patients with Burn Injuries
Bermo M.S., Zacharias C., Patterson D., Wilson A., Sharar S., Minoshima S., Hoffman H., Lewis D.H.
Journal of Neuroimaging. 2020 Jan

The Peritoneum: What Nuclear Radiologists Need to Know
Bermo M.S., Koppula B., Kumar M., Leblond A., Matesan M.C.
Seminars in Nuclear Medicine. 2020 Jan

Hepatopulmonary shunting on Tc99m-MAA liver mapping: correlation with dynamic cross-sectional imaging and description of different shunting patterns
Bermo M., Matesan M., Itani M., Behnia F., Vesselle H.
Abdominal Radiology. 2018 Nov:3001-3008

Review of Extraskeletal Activity on Tc-99m Methylene Diphosphonate Bone Scintigraphy and Value of Cross-Sectional and SPECT-CT Imaging Correlation
Bermo M., Behnia S., Fair J., Miyaoka R., Elojeimy S.
Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. 2018 Sep:324-332

Two signs indicative of successful access in nuclear medicine cerebrospinal fluid diversionary shunt studies
Bermo M., Khalatbari H., Parisi M.
Pediatric Radiology. 2018 Aug:1130-1138

The Role of Pulmonary Scintigraphy in the Evaluation of Adults with Congenital Heart Disease
Itani M., Matesan M., Ahuja J., Bermo M., Habib A., Goiney C., Krieger E., Vesselle H.
Seminars in Nuclear Medicine. 2017 Nov:660-670

Biliary Leak in the Postsurgical Abdomen: A Primer to HIDA Scan Interpretation
Matesan M., Bermo M., Cruite I., Shih C., Elojeimy S., Behnia F., Lewis D., Vesselle H.
Seminars in Nuclear Medicine. 2017 Nov:618-629

Optimization of Pediatric PET/CT
Parisi M., Bermo M., Alessio A., Sharp S., Gelfand M., Shulkin B.
Seminars in Nuclear Medicine. 2017 May:258-274