Radiology Personnel

Mahmud Mossa-Basha, M.D.

Associate Professor
Vice Chair of Clinical Operations
Chief of Radiology, UW Medical Center - Montlake and Northwest Campuses
Medical Director of MRI


Dr. Mossa-Basha is a UW associate professor and attending neuroradiologist in the Radiology Department of the UW Medical Center.  His clinical and research areas of expertise include cerebrovascular imaging, vessel wall imaging of multiple vascular beds, atherosclerosis and vasculitis imaging and susceptibility weighted imaging.  In addition, Dr. Mossa-Basha has an interest in advanced imaging of the spine.  Dr. Mossa-Basha serves as the director of cross-sectional neurovascular imaging at University of Washington and Harborview Medical Centers and the co-director of intravenous contrast policy.

Awards and Honors

Recent Publications

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