Radiology Personnel

Achille Mileto, MD

Assistant Professor
Director, Computed Tomography
Abdominal Imaging


Dr. Mileto earned his M.D. from the University of Messina (Italy), where he also completed a 5-year Diagnostic Radiology Residency program. He first came to the United States in 2014 for an abdominal imaging Research Fellowship at Duke University, and then moved to the University of Washington in 2016 for a body imaging clinical fellowship, following which he joined the Faculty in the Body Imaging division as an Assistant Professor.

Dr. Mileto is a member of the Radiological Society of North America, American Roentgen Ray Society, Society of Abdominal Radiology and European Society of Radiology. He is a Member of the Scientific Editorial Board of the journal European Radiology for the CT section.

Clinical interests include body CT imaging applications, noninvasive characterization of solid abdominal tumors, dual-energy and spectral CT imaging, and renal mass and renal cell carcinoma imaging.

Research interests include multi-observer-based studies, radiation dose optimization strategies, use of dual- and multi-energy CT applications for improving detection and characterization of abdominal tumors, devising novel techniques and quantitative imaging biomarkers to non-invasively characterize renal masses, and development of novel imaging-based paradigms to assess response to treatment.

Recent Publications

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Comparison of iodine quantification and conventional attenuation measurements for differentiating small, truly enhancing renal masses from high-attenuation nonenhancing renal lesions with dual-energy CT
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