UW Radiology recognized with awards at RSNA 2022

Congratulations to our faculty, fellows and residents who were recognized at RSNA 2022 for their incredible work!

Here is a list of recognition received at RSNA 2022 by University of Washington’s Department of Radiology faculty and trainees:

Lifetime Honored Educator Award

  • Dushyant Sahani, M.D.

Honored Educator Award

  • Karen Ordovas, M.D.

Non-Annual Meeting Faculty

  • RSNA/ASNR/SIRF Comparative Effectiveness Research Training: Jeffrey Jarvik, M.D., MPH
  • RSNA/AUR/ARRS Introduction to Academic Radiology: Michael Richardson, M.D.
  • Introduction to Academic Radiology for Junior Faculty: Savannah Partridge, Ph.D.
  • Introduction to Research for International Young Academics: Janie Lee, M.D.
  • RSNA Value of Imaging through Comparative Effectiveness Program: Katy Lowry, M.D. and Brian Bresnahan, Ph.D.

RSNA Resident Representatives

  • Ashley Besch, M.D.
  • Murat Sadic, M.D., Ph.D.

From left: Drs. Savannah Partridge, Jeffrey Jarvik, Vasily Yarnykh and Paul Kinahan

Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research 2022 Distinguished Investigator Award

  • Stephen Dager, M.D.
  • Vasily Yarnykh, Ph.D.

Magna Cum Laude Award for Education Exhibit

  • Liver MR Elastography: Practical Guidance for Interpretation and Reporting: Guilherme Moura Cunha, M.D.

Cum Laude Award for Education Exhibit

  • Don’t Overlook the Skin! Multimodality Imaging Review of Skin & Subcutaneous Malignancies with Radiology-Pathology Correlation: Priya Pathak, M.D., Laith Abandeh, M.D., Bahar Mansoori, M.D.

Certificate of Merit Award for Education Exhibit

  • Fibroblastic and Myofibroblastic Soft Tissue Tumors: Imaging Spectrum and Radiology Pathology Correlation*: Firoozeh Shomal Zadeh, M.D., Alireza Abadi, M.D., Bahar Mansoori, M.D., Sara Haseli, M.D., Mark Murphy, M.D., Majid Chalian, M.D.
  • 3D Printed Models for Presurgical Planning: What the Surgeon Wants to Know…and Touch: Sarah Bastawrous, D.O., Lei Wu, M.D., Beth Ripley, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Multimodality Imaging in End-Stage Renal Disease*: Nitin Venugopal, M.D., Bahar Mansoori, M.D., Majid Chalian, M.D.
  • Vascular Ultrasound Basics: Understanding Arterial and Venous Vascular Doppler Waveforms and Physiology: Min Gyu Noh, M.D., Bahar Mansoori, M.D., Annie Sauvage, RVT, RDMS, Hoiwan Cheung, M.D.
  • Lose The Battle and Win the War: Multimodality Imaging of Diseases Unique to Immuno-Suppressed: Pegah Khoshpouri, M.D., and Thomas Eggert, M.D.
  • Gastrointestinal Motility on Nuclear Scintigraphy: Protocols, and Pathologies with Multimodality Correlates*: Shamus Moran, M.D.
  • Imaging of Antepartum and Postpartum Hemorrhage*: Manjiri Dighe, M.D.
  • Don’t Touch the Animals: Chest Radiologists View- Zoonoses*: J. David Godwin, M.D.

* = Certificates of Merit that were also identified for RadioGraphics

Education Exhibits Identified for RadioGraphics

  • Problems are Opportunities in Disguise: Added Value of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) in Evaluation of the Female Pelvic Disease: Pegah Khoshpouri, M.D.
  • The Art of Letting it Flow: Small Bowel Follow-Through in the Age of Cross-Sectional Imaging: Shamus Moran, M.D., Alireza Abadi, M.D., Charles Rohrmann, M.D., Puneet Bhargava, M.D., Bahar Mansoori, M.D.
  • Free-breathing T1-weighted motion correction in abdominal MRI: technical principles, applications and current limitations: Ebru Akcicek, Noah Briller, Guilherme M. Cunha, M.D., Halid Akcicek, Bahar Mansoori, M.D., Dushyant Sahani, M.D., Orpheus Kolokythus, M.D.
  • Practical Overview of I-123 Ioflupane (DaTscan) Imaging for Parkinsonian Syndromes: David H. Lewis, M.D.

This article will be updated as recognition and awards are granted during RSNA 2022.

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