Reduced Iodine Dose during CT Aortography for Patients with Compromised Renal Function

Colleagues at UW Medical Center – William P. Shuman, MD, Keith T. Chan, MD, Janet M. Busey, MS, Lee M. Mitsumori, MD, and Kent M. Koprowicz, MD, co-authored a paper published online April 14, 2016 in Academic Radiology. – (Article in Press) Academic Radiology 23 (2016) pp. 611-618

Because many patients with aortic pathology also have compromised renal function, the authors investigated dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) aortography with 50% reduced iodine dose compared to single-energy computed tomography (SECT) aortography with standard iodine dose.

Access the full article here: Dual-Energy CT Aortography with 50% Reduced Iodine Dose versus Single-Energy CT Aortography with Standard Iodine Dose

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