New study on contrast mammography and abbreviated breast MRI for screening

A photo of Marissa Lawson. Marissa wears a dark-colored blazer with a white shell and gold necklace. She smiles into the camera in front of a neutral grey background.A photo of Dr. Janie Lee. Dr. Lee is wearing a brown blouse with a gold necklace and glasses. She smiles at the camera in front of a neutral grey background.The UW Breast Imaging research team led by Assistant Professor Marissa Lawson, MD (lead author, pictured left) and Professor Janie Lee, MD (senior author, right) recently published a new study in Radiology on the topic of breast cancer screening with contrast-enhanced mammography compared with Abbreviated MRI.

Study results indicated that breast cancer screening performance with abbreviated breast MRI was comparable to standard MRI; however, contrast-enhanced mammography demonstrated performance trade-offs that warrant further evaluation prior to widespread use. Additional details are available on the RSNA website.

You can also read a media article on the study published by Diagnostic Imaging.

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