Mark Muzi, Director of Image Analysis, awarded ‘rare’ NIH grant

Mark Muzi, M.S., the Director of Image Analysis in the Imaging Research Lab, was awarded a National Institute of Health (NIH) Research Specialist Award (R50) grant. These grants are for non-faculty scientists that aid in supporting NIH researchers locally and nationally.

The grant, “Core Laboratory for Advanced Cancer Image Analysis,” is a continuation of Muzi’s current grant that extends funding to September 2027. Muzi was granted the award for being a roving expert in analyzing cancer imaging data for five years.

“This is a rare NIH grant that is specifically for staff scientists (not faculty) who provide essential support both internal to UW and externally,” Paul Kinahan, Ph.D, Vice Chair for Research, said. “Not only is this a rare award, but it is his second in a row — and both times with a perfect score of 10! This is an amazing feat and a feather in cap for our department.”

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