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Promotion/Tenure Clock Extensions Due to COVID-19

Due to the continued impact of the pandemic, the provost has approved provisions for clock waivers related to COVID-19 for assistant professors with mandatory promotion/tenure clocks. Updates made May 2021. Read more.

  1. If a faculty member is part-time, how much is their promotion clock delayed? Is it proportional to their FTE or is it a fixed length? For example, someone who is 50% FTE, is their promotion clock extended by 50% or by 1 year?

Please visit AHR’s website here:

http://ap.washington.edu/ahr/working/promotion-and-tenure-extensions/ to determine the length of the second term. The first term, regardless of FTE is always 3 years. If someone is less than 100%, depending on their FTE, their clock will be extended. For assistant professors in clock-managed ranks, the length of the second appointment term varies according to FTE percent (Faculty Code Section 24-45D):

      • 90%-100%: 3 years
      • 70%-89%: 4 years
      • 60%-69%: 5 years
      • 50%-59%: 6 years
  1. the Covid extension, does that apply only to faculty in their last year facing mandatory promotion or does it also apply to more junior faculty, such as someone in their 2nd year who wanted to apply for the extension?

Please visit AHR’s site here:

https://ap.washington.edu/ahr/working/promotion-and-tenure-extensions/extension-of-promotion-tenure-clock-due-to-covid-19/  for more information on the COVID waiver. This applies to junior faculty regardless of what year they are in as long as they are in their probationary period. For faculty in their last year before mandatory promotion, they have until June 30 to request the COVID clock stop.

  1. When does the offer of a Covid extension sunset and might it be renewed?

The COVID-19 clock stop is now available for up to two years.  If a faculty member chooses to request the automatic waiver of the 2019-20, 2020-21, and/or 2021-22 academic years, please follow the instructions for requesting a clock stop.  For any faculty who are entering their mandatory year in 2021-2022, they will have until June 30, 2021, to request the waiver(s).