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Announcement: UW faculty approve Class A legislation on Clinical Practice Faculty

Dear School of Medicine colleagues,

We’re excited to report that the UW faculty overwhelmingly approved Class A legislation on Clinical Practice Faculty by a vote of 92% to 8%. Yesterday, [July 17, 2023] President Ana Mari Cauce signed the legislation, which represents a big win for all of us in the School of Medicine (SOM) and shows we can effect change by working together.

More than 50% of SOM voting faculty cast ballots, as compared to 19% of faculty from other UW schools, colleges, and campuses. This huge SOM turnout, the second highest in at least 25 years, demonstrates the broader commitment of the voting faculty to advocate for our non-voting SOM colleagues. Thank you for your support!

Key Points of the Legislation 

o     Creates a new faculty track, “professor of clinical practice,” that recognizes the value of faculty who focus on clinical teaching and service  with the goal of promoting equity, recruitment, and retention 

o     Allows new faculty and many current paid clinical faculty to be appointed into the clinical practice track using departmentally developed appointment and promotion criteria

o     Establishes multi-year appointment lengths for the clinical practice faculty track 

o     Enfranchises clinical practice faculty with voting rights and permits service in all roles open to voting faculty

Although the legislation is effective immediately, President Cauce and the Office of Academic Personnel have noted that it may take up to a year to develop the procedures needed to implement the new faculty track.

We appreciate and value you. Thank you for your service on behalf of our students, trainees, colleagues, patients, and community. 


Gautham Reddy, MD, MPH
Professor of Radiology
Chair, UW Faculty Senate 

Kenneth P. Steinberg, MD
Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine)
Co-chair, UW Faculty Council on Faculty Affairs 

Aarti H. Bhat, MD
Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology)
Chair, School of Medicine Faculty Council on University Relations