Radiology Personnel

Robert Miyaoka, PhD

Research Professor
Director of Small Animal PET Imaging
Director of SPECT/CT Physics

Nuclear Medicine, Research


Dr. Robert Miyaoka is a Research Associate Professor in the University of Washington Department of Radiology. Much of his research has focus on the design, development and optimization of nuclear medicine instrumentation systems. His current research efforts are focused on the development of ultra-high resolution PET detector designs and incorporating them into preclinical imaging systems. Detectors developed in his laboratory include the micro-crystal element (MiCE) detector, the continuous miniature crystal element detector (cMiCE), and detectors that can provide depth of interaction information. In addition, he is developing PET detectors and electronics that can operate in high magnetic fields for a combined PET/MR imaging system.

Awards and Honors

Recent Publications (via Semantic Scholar)

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