Presentation Series by UW IR

(1)The UW IR team, consisting of Drs. Xiaoming Yang, Wayne Monsky, and Christopher Ingraham, presented at the Chinese Society of Radiology’s Annual Meeting, Shanghai, China, October 2017.

(Top row) Drs. Yang, Monsky, and Ingraham at the UW IR Series, Chinese Society of Radiology 2017. (Lower Left) Group photo with the conference organizers, IR Professors Zhongmin Wang (middle) and Weihua Dong (right). (Lower right) Dr. Ingraham receiving his certificate from Prof. Yinghua Zhou, Chairman of the IR Department, Beijing University First Hospital, and the vice president of Chinese Society of Interventional Radiology.

Reunion party of Chinese physicians who trained as part of Dr. Yang’s IR basic research team at UW Radiology or Johns Hopkins Radiology. The reunion dinner was hosted by Prof. Han Wang (front row, 3rd from left), a former post-doc fellow in Dr. Yang’s UW IR basic research team, currently the Chairman of Radiology, Shanghai Jiaotong University First Hospital.

(2) Drs. Xiaoming Yang, Wayne Monsky, and Christopher Ingraham presenting at the UW IR Series of Presentations, at the Suzhou Society of Interventional Radiology’s Annual Meeting, China, October 2017.

(Left) Drs. Yang, Monsky and Ingraham with other invited international speakers from the USA, Japan, and Korea. (Top Right) Drs. Monsky and Ingraham visited the Department of Interventional Radiology, Suzhou University First Hospital, welcome by the department chairman, Prof. Caifang Ni (seated, front right). (Lower right) Meeting with Prof. Gaojun Teng (middle), one of the leading IR doctors in China, the President of Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University, and a Gold Medal recipient at SIR 2017, as well as Prof. Caifang Ni (left), the conference organizer.

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