Dr. John Scheel receives 2018 Global Oncology Pilot Research Award

Dr. John Scheel receives 2018 Global Oncology Pilot Research Award. “Evaluating the Dissemination and Interpretive Performance of the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) after its Implementation in Uganda” has been selected for a pilot research award from the 2018 Global Oncology Cross-Divisional Collaboration Initiative – which seeks to improve cancer diagnosis in low-and middle-income countries.

Due to a shortage of radiologists in Uganda, interpretation of ultrasound often falls to non-physician sonographers.  The variable training and experience of sonographers at breast ultrasound can result in sub-standard care.  In 2016, the BI-RADS was introduced as the standard of care across Uganda.  The BI-RADS standardizes the approach to interpreting and communicating the results of breast ultrasound and has been shown to improve diagnostic accuracy in high-income countries.

This study will evaluate the interpretive performance and dissemination of the BI-RADS since its implementation in Uganda in 2016.  The results of this study will be used to direct future educational efforts and policies to support continued quality improvement of high quality ultrasound for use as a resource-appropriate strategy to reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies and long distance follow-up.

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