UW Radiology

Meet our Director

Dr. Tess Chapman is a Professor of Radiology with our Department of Radiology and an attending pediatric radiologist at Seattle Children's Hospital.  She was formerly a Diagnostic Radiology resident here at UW and subsequently completed her fellowship in pediatric radiology at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center (now known as SCH).  Dr. Chapman has been involved with Graduate Medical Education on a local level since joining faculty in 2007 and has served as the Program Director for the Pediatric Radiology Fellowship from 2014 - 2019.  Her clinical interests include general pediatric diagnostic imaging and fetal MR imaging.  As a member of the UW Radiology community, Dr. Chapman has enjoyed seeing the number of women in our residency, fellowships, and faculty blossom over the past decade.  As Director of our UW Women in Radiology chapter, Dr. Chapman aims to provide support and enable resource sharing for the women in our department.  She believes that the ratio of women to men in the fields of diagnostic and interventional radiology should match that for medicine overall, and therefore supports outreach programs to teach high school students, undergraduates and medical school students about our phenomenal field.  Dr. Chapman hopes that someday in the not-too-distant future, distinct gender roles will become an historical topic.  One aspect of reaching that point depends on us celebrating the inherent skills that both women and men tend to exhibit and learning from one another so that regardless of gender, we all have equal opportunities for support of our families and growth in our careers.​