UW Radiology

Women In Radiology

Who we are, and what we do​

The mission of Women in Radiology is to provide a strong community of support, mentoring, and resource sharing for female physicians in our department. Events are held throughout the year. Past events include a mentoring panel event co-hosted with the Washington State Radiological Society, annual dinner banquets with invited speakers, happy hour gatherings after work, and a book club. Discussions at these various events have included the meaning of mentoring, the variable support (or lack thereof) for parental leave at different practice groups, the reasons behind fewer women in radiology than in other medical specialties, the need for an outreach program by our WIR chapter at the undergraduate and medical school levels, and encouragement of our junior members to "jump in" and get involved in leadership positions. The group is open to our residents, fellows, and faculty members. Any interested undergraduate and medical students are also welcome to participate.​