Research Coordinator

Research Coordinator
Ann Wilson
206 598-2383

Welcome to the Prospective Research Coordinator program of the Department of Radiology Research Support Core. The purpose of this program is to provide prospective study – research coordination support services to the Radiology faculty with an initial emphasis on our junior faculty.  This service is run by a prospective research coordinator with over 5 years of prospective coordinator experience.

Our support services include two types of assistance:

  • Research Study Coordination of your complete study (5- 40 % FTE, requires study funding).
  • Specific Research Coordination Tasks: no funding is required
  • IRB Application preparation (initial applications, renewals, modifications)
  • Radiation Safety Application preparation (initial applications and renewals)
  • CRBB Application preparation (needed if study visits involve any clinical services)
  • Subject recruitment/ Subject consenting
  • Study visit scheduling
  • Grant budget preparation
  • Database development/ Data entry
  • Medical Records data mining
  • Data safety monitoring plan preparation
  • FDA applications

You may contact us in two ways:

  1. Please contact Ann Wilson at with any questions or requests.
  2. Faculty Support Core Research Coordinator Questionnaire. Please email your completed form to

Meetings times are generally flexible and are available any weekday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  We can meet in your office, my office (UWMC – NW040), the HMC – Radiology library or  at  SLU.