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Minimal Risk IRB – Department Support

Radiology Research Support Core

The department of Radiology provides faculty members support for minimal risk IRB applications and review of investigational IRB submissions. For more information please contact the departmental Minimal Risk IRB Coordinator, Diane Guay. Ms. Guay’s contact information is listed below:

Research Coordinator, Retrospective Research IRB Application Organizer

Diane Guay

    • drguay@uw.edu


No funding for the research study is required but is acceptable.

The IRB Application Organizer and Editor performs the following services:

    • Preparation of all forms required for IRB application submission, plus renewals, close-outs, and modifications, for retrospective studies
    • Database development and data entry
    • Departmental statistics about research are calculated
    • Signatures of researchers and department Chair are obtained for official documents
    • Manuscripts are edited for publication
    • Images are improved and manipulated, within journal guidelines for publication or presentation
    • Will speak to groups (e.g., new fellows in a section) about how IRB applications are handled
    • Questions about IRB policies and procedures are answered


The IRB Application Organizer and Editor prepares IRB applications for retrospective research by Department of Radiology faculty (with emphasis on junior faculty) and finalizes such applications for residents and fellows.

Meetings times are flexible and generally are available any weekday 8:00 am–5:00 pm.