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Compounds Uses

These rates are subject to change.

18F-Fluoroestradiol, 18FES Breast Cancer Hormone Receptor Level Imaging $3,815/dose
18F-FEOBV Acetylcholine Transporter Imaging $3,792/dose
18F-MK-6240 Tau Protein Imaging $3,899/dose
11C-PiB Amyloid Imaging $2,856/dose
11C Rosuvastatin Transporter Imaging $2,953/dose
Beam Time $834/hour
3′-Deoxy-3′-[18F]fluorothymidine, 18FLT Cell Proliferation Imaging
18F-Fluoromisonidazol, 18FMISO Imaging Hypoxia in Tumors and Other Tissues
18F-DPA-714 Neuroinflammation Imaging
11C-mHED Neurotransmitter Imaging
11C-Verapamil  Transporter Imaging
11C-flumazenil GABA Receptor Imaging
13N ammonia Blood Flow Tracer
11C Acetate Fatty Acid Synthesis