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Placenta Symposium 2017

Placenta Symposium 2017: Connecting People and Promoting Growth

In order to address the insufficient understanding of placental development and pathophysiology, scientists with diverse skill sets must be recruited to focus on the placenta. Collaborative cross-disciplinary approaches have a higher likelihood of success when supported by dissemination of reliable and current scientific information. Face time is essential in this process, allowing people from different disciplines to talk to each other about common problems, so they learn each others languages, approaches, and are able to reconcile them with their own. Finally, long-term success requires recruitment and training of students and postdocs to facilitate retention, productivity, and effective research. It is with these needs in mind that we have undertaken an organizational effort to support and encourage global placenta research through hosting an educational placenta research symposium at the University of Washington.

With the success of the inaugural Placenta Research Network Symposium in 2016 which lead to the monthly Placenta Research journal club and several new collaborations, we propose to hold the 2nd annual UW Placenta Research Symposium to be held July 27-28, 2017. We have developed a strong local network and international collaborators that harbor a wealth of knowledge, the desire to learn more about placental pathophysiology and the will to improve maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. We propose to build upon this network and host a two-day educational and hypothesis-generating interdisciplinary symposium. The foremost goals of the 2017 symposium are to 1) disseminate and advance fundamental knowledge of the placenta and maternal-fetal biological systems and 2) teach students and investigators alike how to apply that knowledge through hands on workshops.

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Submit abstracts here for the 2017 Placenta Research Network Symposium to be held on July 27th and 28th at University of Washington, Seattle.