UW Radiology

Monthly meetings

Placenta Research Grand Rounds meets the last Friday of each month at UWMC in RR202. 

Date Event Presenter  
April 29th 2016 Journal Club Dr. Naveen Neradugomma Lee JS et al. 2016. Placenta-on-a-chip: a novel platform to study the biology of the human placenta. Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine; 29(7):1046-1054
May 27th 2016 Grand Rounds Dr. Jash Unadkat The role of placental transporters in modulating fetal drug exposure
June 24th 2016 Lecture Aaron Posey, GAPPS Standardizing Placenta Processing Procedures Across A Multi-Site Network Through the Creation of a Certification and Quality Control Program. What have we collected and what’s available? 
July 29th 2016 Lecture Alison Paquette, Institute for Systems Biology Placental transcriptomic analysis to identify network perturbations in preterm birth.
August 26th 2016 Lecture Faye Zhang, Unadkat Lab

Delineate factors determining fetal drug exposure using a novel maternal-fetal PBPK model.

September 30th 2016 Lecture Laney Poye, Director of Community Relations, Preeclampsia Foundation Patients Involvement in Research: More than just an “N” Value
October 28th 2016

Organizational Meeting

  2017 Placenta Research Symposium
November 25th 2016 Lecture Dr. Marta Antonelli, Professor, Institute of Cellular Biology and Neuroscience, University of Buenos Aires Perinatal programming of dopamine neurodevelopment
December 16th 2016 Organizational Meeting   2017 Placenta Research Symposium
January 27th 2017 Organizational Meeting   Coordinated PRN Grant Writing Initiatives Meeting
February 24th 2017 Lecture Naveen Neradugomma, Mao Lab Regulation of P-gp and BCRP by drugs in placental cells
March 31st 2017 Lecture Mary Wallingford, Giachelli Lab, Bioengineering Calcification of the Placenta: Longstanding Questions and New Perspectives
April 28th 2017 Lecture Jennifer Stencel-Baerenwald, Immunology Placental Innate Immune Defense of Zika Virus Infection
May 26th 2017 TBD    
June 30th 2016 Lecture Alison Paquette, Institute for Systems Biology Pre-Pregnancy Obesity and Metabolomic and Transcriptomic Networks in Early-Mid Pregnancy.
July 27th, 28th 2017 PRN Symposium   “The Placenta: Connecting People and Promoting Growth”