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International Placenta Research Network

Welcome to the International Placenta Research Network Website.  With our combined efforts, we intend to create a dialogue about placental research, fueling new ideas, fostering collaborations, and building on our collective expertise to further the field.

We intend for the Placenta Symposium to become an annual or semiannual event. This symposium will include several short talks and a discussion about future deliverables for the following year. We formed the International Placenta Research Network, to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of resources and data. This network will strengthen grant applications and increase the likelihood of funding for UW placenta researchers across disciplines and Departments. Additionally, we also started a Placenta Research Journal Club as a deliverable to keep communications open throughout the year.

Departmental interest. Survey results depicted in a chart that reveals the home departments of UW investigators that are interested in or conducting placenta-related research. N=44